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Removable Media - Industrial Control System Protection


Enforceable Protection for Removable Media - AKA Sheep-dip

Enhanced security for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure

Industrial Control System Removable Media Protection is a self-contained scanning station that scans, detected and protects critical Industrial and IOT environments from USB, CD and other removable media borne threats traversing the air gap into the OT network. 

For secure media transfer, the scanning station leverages and visualises advanced threat protection to help protect against weaponised malware. 

Trust no file. Trust no device


The Key Benefits

better protection
Plug, Play & Enforcement

Ruggedized hardware provides as a scanning station that acts much like a hand sanitising station for USB drives and other removable media. Whether your industrial control system is 20 years old or brand new, this delivers a high degree of protection without replacing existing equipment, software or downstream operations.

prevent detect respond
Enforcement Driver

Interoperable with automation HMIs and workstations, a lightweight enforcement driver is available to validate that a USB was scanned. This functionality requires no connection between the target system and the station and can preserve the disconnected, or air-gapped, state of the OT network.

smart removable media protection
Defence in Depth

Delivers an additional scanning engine (upto 20 with some of our product line) along with machine learning to provide multispectral analysis of file-based threats.

media protection performance
Wide Media Support

Support for the following media formats

USB Type C
USB Type A
15-in-1 card reader
CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive
3.5" diskette

Even when there is an airgap in place, removable media is required to transfer data between security zones

Is this your weakest link?

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removable media protection


Provides independent checking of removable media from an out of band device to protect your critical IIOT systems 


Maintain an air-gapped state and enforce scanning on removable devices 

privileged account management in use


Effectively block malware, allows devices to be ‘prove as clean’ for a set period of time or unless used a non-protected device  


Interoperable with various automations vendors' human machine interfaces (HMIs) and workstations 

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