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Shield Your Operations: Cyber Threat Detection for OT Systems


Today's industrial landscape relies heavily on Operational Technology (OT) systems.  These systems control everything from factory robots to power grids, making them prime targets for cyber attacks.

A cyber threat detection system acts as a vigilant guard, constantly monitoring your OT environment for suspicious activity.

Be prepared for anything with the right tools and training respond the attack vectors of today.  Our consultancy packages offer the ultimate peace of mind, providing you with personalised recommendations to safeguard your systems.

OT Cyber Security Training

Understanding cyber security is essential in the industrial sector.

Through our specialised training programmes we empower your workforce with capabilities and insights, strengthening your defences against cyber attacks.

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Our Cyber Threat Detection Solutions

Network Traffic Anomaly Detection (NTAD)

Continuously monitors network traffic for unusual patterns or deviations from normal activity, potentially indicating suspicious attempts to access or manipulate data.

Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Management

Identifies and catalogues all connected devices within your OT network. It then analyses these devices for known vulnerabilities and prioritises them based on criticality and exploitability.

Endpoint Security for OT Systems

Provides endpoint protection specifically designed for industrial devices like PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA servers. This can include features like application whitelisting, device control, and malware detection.

Industrial Control System (ICS) Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

Monitors network traffic for specific attack signatures known to target OT systems. It can alert operators to potential threats and even take preventative measures like blocking malicious traffic.

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) for OT

Analyses user activity within the OT environment to identify anomalies that might suggest unauthorised access or malicious insider activity.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Provides real-time updates on the latest cyber threats targeting OT systems. This allows your detection systems to stay up-to-date and identify new attack methods.

Why is Cyber Threat Detection Crucial for OT?

Disaster Resilience: Preparing for the Unexpected

OT systems are often built on legacy infrastructure, making them more vulnerable to modern cyber threats.  A successful attack can cause:

  • Production disruptions: Costly downtime and lost revenue.
  • Safety hazards: Potential physical harm or environmental damage.
  • Data breaches: Exposure of sensitive information or intellectual property.

How Does Cyber Threat Detection Work?

Cyber threat detection for OT systems employs various techniques to identify potential attacks, including:

  • Network Traffic Monitoring: Detects unusual data flows or unauthorised access attempts.
  • Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Scanning: Identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities in connected devices.
  • Anomaly Detection: Flags deviations from normal system behaviour that might indicate a threat.

Benefits of Proactive Threat Detection

Implementing a cyber threat detection system allows you to:

  • Identify Threats Early: Respond quickly and prevent attacks before they cause damage.
  • Minimise Downtime: Restore operations faster in case of an attack.
  • Enhance Security Posture: Gain valuable insights to strengthen your overall OT security.

Cyber Consulting

We understand no two businesses are the same, as such we offer highly customisable consultancy services to understand your needs and cyber security requirements.

Find out more about our cyber consultancy packages or speak to our expert team to understand how we can help you.

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Investing in Peace of Mind

Cyber threats are a constant concern, but with the right tools, you can protect your critical OT systems. A robust cyber threat detection system provides the vigilance needed to safeguard your operations and ensure business continuity.

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