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Building Resilient Infrastructure

Welcome to the future of industrial computing – our zero touch computing solution by Stratus is engineered to empower non-IT skilled personnel in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of mission-critical applications. 

Designed for industries like manufacturing, transport systems and power generation, our industrial hardware platform is the cornerstone of reliability, eliminating the risks of unplanned downtime and data loss. 

Experience seamless deployment, management and maintenance, ushering in a new era of efficiency and resilience for your operations.

Pre-configuration available

If you would like your zero touch hardware to be pre-configure with AVEVA software, or if you have any questions about our High Availability Computing Solutions, get in touch.

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Our High Availability Computing Solutions

Stratus ztC Edge

stratus ztc endurance product


Stratus ztC Endurance

ztc endurance 1


Stratus ftServer

stratus ztc endurance 3


Industrial hardware built for performance

Compatibility you can trust

No more worries about hardware and software compatibility. 

Our hardware has undergone rigorous testing with all our software offerings, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance. 

Trust in a harmonious ecosystem that just works.

Pre-built for rapid deployment

Say goodbye to configuration headaches. 

Our pre-build service delivers hardware with all the necessary software pre-installed and tested, ready for swift deployment of your applications. 

Accelerate your engineering and deployment processes with our hassle-free solution.

Consulting for Best Practices

Unlock the full potential of your projects with our expert consulting services. 

We guide you towards the best architecture and computing/networking resources tailored to your specific needs. 

Benefit from future-proof solutions, cyber-secure setups, and optimal performance that align with industry best practices.

The Pillars of High Availability Computing

Simple: Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance

Ensuring simplicity for quick deployment, easy scalability, and straightforward maintenance in edge infrastructure.

  • You need to be able to quickly deploy, easy to scale  
  • Your infrastructure needs to be easy to maintain, not a lot of technical knowledge
  • It should be easy to re-task with new software
  • It must be manageable by OT or IT

Protected: Robust Protection Against Interruptions and Threats

Prioritising reliability, redundancy, and cyber-security measures to safeguard against downtime and data loss in potentially rugged environments.

  • High Availability Computing needs to provide reliability and always on availability, it can’t go down
  • For critical processes, you need redundancy to protect data and avoid in-flight data loss
  • Ready for potentially rugged environments
  • Needs to be secure against cyber-security threats

Autonomous: Achieving Autonomy in Edge Operations

Implementing self-monitoring, self-healing, and remote management capabilities for autonomous edge infrastructure in challenging locations.

  • Ensuring High Availability in difficult to reach locations with limited IT resources 
  • Zero Touch solutions that are self monitoring and self healing
  • Needs to have remote management capability and ability to support and troubleshoot

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Contact us today to learn more about our High Availability offerings and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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