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The operations data solution trusted by IT and engineers

The power of operational data


Trusted by engineers and CIOs alike, AVEVA PI System is the leading operations data management platform to empower digital transformation. 

Seamlessly collect, enrich, transmit, and collaborate on real-time data, spanning from the edge to the cloud.  

AVEVA PI System is purpose-built for industry, with quick deployment and fast return on investment.  Because decision-makers in critical industries need answers fast, AVEVA provides self-service data visualisations, trending, and analytics.

What is AVEVA PI System?

AVEVA PI System is the leading operations data management solution with products to enable data collection, enrichment, visualisation and integration at the industrial edge, in the plant, and in the cloud.

AVEVA PI System helps our customers by delivering massive amounts of contextualised data to any authorised person or analytical tool to support real-time decision making and uncover deep operational insights.  

of the top pharma companies use AVEVA PI System
1000+ (700 × 300px)
Power utilities use AVEVA PI System
75pc (700 × 300px)
of the world's crude oil, natural gas and liquids are produced with AVEVA PI System
9 (700 × 300px)
of the top 10 mining companies use AVEVA PI System

Get more value from your operations data

Unlock new insights to enable digital transformation, achieve operational excellence, and maximise sustainability.

Share and manage industrial data easily and securely 

AVEVA data management solutions are built to handle industrial data at scale. Enrich real-time data streams with contextual information.

Improve understanding and support more types of users in an operations data management hub.

AVEVA PI System products

A range of supporting technology to suit every requirement

The real time data storage, analytics and notification engine at the heart of AVEVA PI System.

With AVEVA PI Vision you can turn raw data into rich, visual displays and share valuable insights across your enterprise.

AVEVA PI Integrator for Business Analytics helps you prepare data from your AVEVA PI System, making it analysis ready for reporting and advanced analytics.

Collect, store and access operations data from remote assets in harsh environments with AVEVA Edge Data Store.

Pull AVEVA PI System data into your custom applications and integrate PI System data with other business tools.

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