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AVEVA HMI SCADA | Latest Releases for Continued Automation Evolution


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Migrate or upgrade? 

It has never been more important to put people first and equip them with the latest information, innovations and context for navigating the road ahead. 

SolutionsPT is here to support you in assessing your HMI/SCADA systems automation maturity. We can help with insight, training, health checks and migration strategies, as the region’s sole distributor for AVEVA. 








Why Upgrade Your Software?

Modernisation is more crucial than ever. Why?

Industrial Companies need to modernise their software infrastructure to stay ahead of cybersecurity risks, adhering to evolving compliance measures, changes in plant capabilities and navigating a changing workforce demographic.  All these factors are more crucial than ever.

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Have you been thinking about improving the efficiency of your plant facility and addressing cyber security risks?

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Modernisation Webinar Series

1/3 of All World’s Plants Run on AVEVA (Wonderware) Software. Learn how you can leverage modern technology to improve production and gain efficiencies. 


AVEVA System Platform 2020 (formerly Wonderware) 

What’s new and what can it do?

Upgrade or migrate?  If this question is bothering you, register for this webinar to see what AVEVA System Platform has to offer with the new R2 2021 Release.

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AVEVA InTouch HMI 2020 (Formerly Wonderware)

What’s new and what can it do?

Learn about the latest improvements to AVEVA InTouch and why you should build on what you have without the need to replace existing structures.

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AVEVA Historian & Clients 

The world's most popular Historian becomes even better. 

In this session, we shall explore Universal data access by replicating to the cloud, Snapp data analysis with the new Excel Add-In, updated Historian web client, Alarms in context of process data, and summary charts based on batches/events.

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Achieving SCADA and Automation Modernisation

Case studies of the perfect pathway to upgrading legacy automation infrastructure

In the final leg of our modernisation series, we invite AVEVA Endorsed system integrators INDEFF to share with us their experience in finding the perfect pathway to modernisation with real-life examples from customers from the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


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AVEVA Flex Subscription

Flexible licensing enables Digital Transformation in a step by step, affordable way.

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Modernise Your Plant

Protect and Maintain Your Operations

Avoid downtime and process interruption with the latest proven tools and security. 

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Improve Performance and ROI

Address performance-degrading issues now and avoid significant capital expenditures later. 

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Increase Efficiency with the Latest Functionality

With continuous software upgrades and maintenance, keep your software “state-of-the-art”

Discover Customer First

Empower your Users

With the current release you can continue to drive business value and integrate new technologies in future.  

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Future Proof Your Hardware Platform

We've teamed up with Stratus again, this time to bring you the Stratus ztC edge.... take a look!

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Our experts can give you a roadmap to upgrading and modernising your AVEVA systems so you can remain competitive and operate confidently for the future.