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Claroty Continuous Threat Detection

Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) from Claroty

A security platform that provides industrial cyber security solutions with full-spectrum IoT and OT visibility, continuous monitoring and real-time risk insights to protect you from evolving threats. 


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Essential Security Monitoring With Real-Time IoT-OT Visibility

CTD was specifically designed to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations in large, complex networks – ensuring zero impact to the operational processes and underlying devices. 

By extracting fine-grained details about each device on the industrial network, profiling all communications and protocols, CTD generates a behavioural pattern that characterises legitimate traffic, alerting upon any network changes, vulnerabilities and threats.


Threat and Anomaly Detection

Identify zero-day and known threats with CTD’s five Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) detection engines.

Vulnerability Management

Identify devices with known vulnerabilities for fast and efficient mitigation.

Asset Management

Automatically discover and manage IoT and OT devices with a centralised, user-friendly interface.

Enterprise Management Console

Consolidate and centrally manage data from multiple disparate sites.

AI-Powered Noise Elimination

ML Alert Algorithm: Correlate past and predictive models of behaviour with online patterns to eliminate distracting and costly noise in the form of false positives and normal changes.

Fast Time-to-Value

The industry’s first real application of AI for OT and IoT that correlates real-time changes with online patterns and network behaviors to create detailed profiles for every device according to the process state to quickly detect critical conditions.

Eliminate Alert Noise

Leveraging AI-powered dynamic learning algorithms.


Prioritise Risk-Based Indicators

Facilitate Risk Triage and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with visibility into the chain of events leading up to every alert.


Accommodate Varying Risk Appetites

Speed workflows leveraging customisable alerting thresholds.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Roll-out across multiple sites and reach full-scale enterprise deployment in less than 60 days and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Deployment at Scale

Enterprise-wide scalability with optimum performance and stability.


Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Consolidated OT cyber-security and visibility across highly distributed sites.


Optimise TCO

Enterprise-wide deployment in less than 60 days leveraging highly adaptive, multiple appliance models and flexible deployment architectures.

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Continuous Threat Detection

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