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AVEVA Insight

AVEVA Insight


The most powerful framework for improving your operational continuity.

With AVEVA Insight, you can gain actionable insights from any of your devices. It’s a service that enables greater visibility of crucial data for all users - regardless of their operational experience. 

AVEVA Insight supplies context within a central cloud-based digital ecosystem, acting as both system and vendor agnostic. It’s a place where you can feed your operational data and through the given context can produce actionable intelligence. This can all be accessed across a multitude of devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones - anytime, anywhere.

Security. Agility. Transparency

Insight offers all this and more, granting a comprehensive vantage point above all your operational processes.


Remote Access

AVEVA Insight is fully mobile. Implementation within any device allows you to stay agile within your day-to-day tasks rather than being stuck to a desk. Insight enables personalised alerts to be sent directly to your device of choice, with notifications highlighting the status of any operational deviation.

AVEVA Insight also includes a mobile app, so the real-time data you need is only a click away. 

Cost-Effective Software as a Service (SaaS)

The landscape of digital information is forever updating itself and managing these changes is a modern need. Insight itself is a cost-effective response to these needs, requiring no specialised IT infrastructure or massive investment to implement. As it’s a high-performance SaaS, it allows your existing siloed data to be turned into a real-time live data feed.

AVEVA Insight is completely scalable, providing automatic updates, charts and easily-operable dashboards for a user-friendly experience. 

Performance Analysis

AVEVA Insight guarantees the following:

Analysis of key processes.
Business-wide monitoring and integration.
Data storage.
Real-time data collection gathered from manufacturing equipment and production events.

Each organisation has a correct operational status they need to stick to. Insight’s KPI dashboards give you access to your performance data, enabling you to see whether any action is needed to correct any deviations. 

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

The integrated reporting and monitoring tools let you build customisable KPIs, review performance, associate workflows with BAM events and instantly receive alerts of changing KPIs.

5 Tips for Easing the Remote Workforce Transition

Collaborate, deploy data-based alerts, use real-time performance monitoring, stop working in silos and close the knowledge gap

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AVEVA Insight Benefits

Insight gives you the ability to empower your workforce, helping them to become increasingly engaged within your operational processes and improving the visibility between them. You’ll identify areas in which operational costs can be reduced and better the performance of your assets.

On top of that, AVEVA Insight users will also be able to benefit from the following:

  • Predictive asset analytics
  • A move from reactive strategies to proactive ones
  • Business intelligence gateways
  • One main interface for asset management, control and safety
  • Process optimisation
  • Information sharing
  • Add-on capabilities

Benefits for OEM and Solution Builders

Through AVEVA Insight, OEM and solution builder customers and stakeholders can be given value-added solutions. These solutions are driven by high-performance data analysis and real-time reporting. This means customers or stakeholders can gain the most from the Insight’s performance capabilities.

AVEVA Insight guarantees better visibility, increased transparency, more collaboration and more efficiency. Become more in touch with your operational processes and engage your workforce with this agile and foundational platform.

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