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AVEVA™ InSight



Actionable Insights from Anywhere, Anytime, and Any Device

AVEVA Insight delivers actionable information and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational performance. With lower IT costs and fast to get started, uncover opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Supplying context within a central cloud-based digital ecosystem, acting as both system and vendor agnostic, AVEVA InSight can produce actionable intelligence that is accessable across a multitude of devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones - anytime, anywhere.

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Making Industrial Analytics and Actionable Intelligence Easy

AVEVA Insight simplifies the complex. It combines AVEVA’s leading operations management and asset performance technologies into one easy-to-use cloud-based solution, enabling your teams to collaboratively manage your operations and assets from anywhere, at anytime.

Data Modelling
Unlock critical data

Access contextualised data from multiple sources in a single cloud environment to gain operational insights anywhere, any time.

Increase collaboration

Empower the connected worker and break down silos with a single source of truth and customised alerts for better, faster decisions.

Improve asset reliability

Gain asset performance insights and respond to anomalies earlier with artificial intelligence and powerful analytics.

Drive operational performance

Fully understand your operations with a digital twin that combines corporate and operational KPIs to discover efficiency gains.

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Benefits of AVEVA InSight

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Benefits for OEM and Solution Builders

Through AVEVA Insight, OEM and Solution Builder can gain low cost, scalable reporting and analytics to better understand solution performance and usage metrics while enabling new collaboration and remote service opportunities.

• Improve troubleshooting and warranty investigations
• Enable new value-add services and business opportunities

AVEVA Insight guarantees better visibility, increased transparency, more collaboration and more efficiency. Become more in touch with your operational processes and engage your workforce with this agile and foundational platform.

Fully Integrated Add-on Modules for AVEVA InSight

Simple to onboard, simple to use. Explore the range of fully integrated add-ons for your system.

Guided Analytics

Guide the user to create anomaly alerts with higher fidelity with just a few mouse clicks. Making it easy to explicitly identify a group of tags for predictive analytics monitoring.

Advanced Analytics

Enable creation of rigorous multi-variable predictive analytics models for the most critical assets with user-friendly cleansing, model training, fault analysis and diagnostics, and prescriptive actions.

Asset Library

Accelerate time to value and share best practices across the organization with pre-packaged libraries that help free up resources, optimize asset performance and address inconsistent or missing data.

Operational Performance

Increase plant asset and production line utilisation and efficiency, and easily identify areas for continuous improvement with root cause analysis. Standardise and compare OEE KPIs, share best practices and elevate the performance of your sites.

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