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About Us

Our Story

From the Beginning

In 1985 our CEO, John Bailey, founded SolutionsPT to provide modern IT solutions for the industrial world. For more than 30 years our mission has been to help drive continuous improvement and success for our customers and partners through the identification and deployment of world class digital solutions, working closely with them to achieve improved efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. ​

In 1991, SolutionsPT took on the distribution of the global leading industrial and engineering software brand AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) in the UK and Ireland. This, together with our existing offering from top technology partners, enabled us to offer the optimum solution set of hardware, software and managed services to suit our customer’s specific operational goals and requirements. ​

But we’ve never just been about selling technology. We deliver real solutions that work, via first-class systems integrators – by taking the time to understand our customers’ challenges, capabilities and potential. Our vision is for EVERY industrial enterprise to successfully harness digital technology to maximise their human potential and achieve excellence in engineering, operations and asset management. We work with commitment, pride and enthusiasm to deliver success and lifetime value in the solutions we apply and manage. We are in it for the long haul and support our customers throughout their continuous improvement journey. ​

The secret to our Success

Our story is one of meeting the challenge of change. What is possible in industry today could barely be dreamed of when we started our journey in the mid 1980s and the possibilities of tomorrow are more exciting still. There is no secret to thriving in an era of change. Our continued success is down to our people and a company culture that supports and celebrates their continuous pursuit of knowledge, insight and understanding. Making what is possible into something real for our customers requires understanding and expert implementation of the best hardware and software available by the best systems integrators, and crucially, that must be combined with a deep understanding of the customer’s goals, a problem-solving mentality and a commitment to success throughout the whole lifecycle of the solution. ​

We believe our company will continue to succeed as long as we continue to invest in what makes us unique. We pride ourselves on our training and personal development programmes and our commitment to creating the industry experts and leaders of tomorrow, recognising that the level of passion, engagement and knowledge they have is what helps SolutionsPT, and our customers, continue to thrive. We hold the ‘Investors in People Gold Status’, awarded to truly cutting-edge organisations operating at the highest level of people management practice, and for 11 years we have been listed in the Sunday Times ‘100 Best Small Companies to Work For’. ​

It has been a fantastic journey so far and one we feel is only the beginning of a much bigger story. The transformative impact of automation and information solutions in this industrial era is still in its formative years. In the future, we are excited by the prospect of offering an evolving product set, new capabilities, and, increasingly, services that help our customers pursue continuous, ongoing improvement. Our goal is simple. To remain at the forefront of delivering the potential of industrial automation and information technology solutions for our customers. ​

In working with SolutionsPT, we want our customers to feel assured that they have chosen the right approach, and to be confident that they can easily implement and support their systems throughout their lifetime, adding value at every step of the way. We want our customers to enjoy the process of working with us and to experience delight at the possibilities that our products and services offer. ​

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We want to help create a time where EVERY industrial enterprise is successfully harnessing the possibilities of digital technology. 

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