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OEM and Machine Builders - The Benefits of Intuitive HMIs - by SolutionsPT


Now more than ever, OEMs and machine builders are looking for intuitive and robust HMIs that are both customisable and scalable so assets, such as embedded machines to operating systems, can benefit. 

HMIs need to be easily accessible, user-friendly and ultimately, secure. With this technology, OEMs and machine builders can standardise their applications, from product lines to entire plants to multi-site installations.

Here at SolutionsPT, we continue to help OEMs and machine builders solve their industrial needs with a vast array of industry-leading HMI, SCADA, hardware, cybersecurity, IIoT and cloud solutions.

Top-level industrial solutions for OEM and Machine Builders.

01 Bridging the Gap Between Operators and Assets

If users and operators can directly and efficiently interact with the machines they use, they’ll be able to run a more proactive and accurate industrial environment. With the right interface, operators benefit from the right information supplied at the right time. 

Modern solutions for the OEM and machine builders provide this interface in a way that’s inherently portable and accessible. Operators can carry out commands and alter settings through the latest devices, such as tablets, accessed through an intuitive thin client. What this means is the right monitor and control information can be supplied to operators who may even be working remotely.

Our powerful HMI platforms operate with innovative interfaces, providing employees and management with data-sharing capabilities, an advantage that extends beyond the boundaries of your site.

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02 HMI Customisation

Our HMI platform offering is inherently customisable. With template and application development capabilities, individualised solutions for industrial assets can be easily created and rolled out.

Customers with unique configuration needs will find those needs met by our powerful HMI, meaning they’ll not only experience accuracy within their systems but consistency too. Operators can familiarise themselves quickly with any interface and not experience any barriers to learning within another site.

Customers can also experience the benefits of customisation. Through customised displays, customers can utilise:

  • Digital I/O displays.
  • Motion capture and vocal interface (for hands-free use).
  • Personalised menu navigation.

This means all stakeholders can enjoy a fully flexible platform designed with accessibility and flexibility in mind.

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03 Room for Growth

It’s crucial for industrial environments to stay adaptive. This means having access to and implementing the latest software. Because of this, an HMI needs to have the ability to be updated, rather than replaced at a moment’s notice, causing unnecessary training needs for operators and added costs for management. 

Our HMI operates with an open architecture, meaning OEMs and machine builders can develop applications and then iterate over time, depending on new or growing needs and circumstances. We can guarantee this solution will not become obsolete.

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04 Greater Integration Capabilities

Many industrial plants already have a certain amount of software or machinery in place. Because of that, they demand solutions that can integrate and communicate with the software they already have in place. 

For example, an HMI must be able to:

  • Integrate with ERP.
  • Integrate with MES.
  • Communicate with PLCs.
  • Communicate with SQL databases.

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05 Machine Builders

Machine builders benefit from using our platform in many ways. For example, these systems offer the machine builder ready-built, pre-installed solutions specifically designed for their environments, guaranteeing both rapid deployment and connectivity. Furthermore, the machine builder will gain:

  • Technically validated and fully-tested software and hardware, ensuring reliability.
  • Ease-of-replication through template-based approaches which further ensure scalability.
  • Real-time data collection from field devices. You can monitor the install base of machines alongside their reliability. 
  • With cloud platforms and fleet management solutions, machine builders and their customers are granted a competitive advantage.
  • The ability to remotely connect and manage the entire device network.

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06 Modular Factory

SolutionsPT’s OEM solutions also drive operational efficiency within the modular factory. Our platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Scalability - from one asset to many.
  • Application success within a variety of use cases.
  • ANDON OEE and PackML solutions. 
  • Extensible within multiple technologies, such as Hybrid, Batch Control and MES.
  • Remotely managed and integrated.
  • Applicable to remote monitors, meaning there’s a quick resolution of issues and quick implementation of preventative measures. 
  • Multiple machines can be connected in one system.
Enhancing your OEM process for Industry 4.0.

To explore more of the integration of OEM solutions for manufacturing and machine building, get in touch with one of our experts. We’ll answer any questions you may have and recommend the right implementations for your industrial environment. 

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