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The AVEVA Flex subscription programme spans any mix of cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions across AVEVA's comprehensive portfolio.

  • Faster ROI by removing barriers seen with traditional software adoption
  • Straightforward license purchase, usage and management
  • Regular software upgrades included
  • Expert support for your workforce
  • Accelerates your business's digital transformation journey

AVEVA Flex Subscription Key facts

Aveva flex subscription key facts

Complete flexibility

Fast returns by minimising upfront costs and capital expenditures, with a subscription programme that gives you full flexibility to access our market-leading industrial software portfolio.  Overcome the CAPEX investment hurdle and optimise your software investment.


Easily scale your software to your changing needs by allocating investments across teams and sites or scaling up your existing contract – It has never been easier to do business with AVEVA Flex.


Empower your IT and admin teams with real-time information on software usage through our easy-to-use central license management portal. Enjoy just one contract for all your AVEVA industrial software.


Enable your team to drive a faster transformation journey. Enjoy regular software upgrades, tailor your digital transformation programme and accelerate time to value with expert technical support and success services.

Empower your global workforce

Simplify and streamline how you purchase, use, and manage all your AVEVA industrial software – whether SaaS, hybrid, or on-premises.  Have your consumption and costs all in one place, with an AVEVA Flex industrial software subscription.

employee managing industrial software

Introducing our latest AVEVA Flex offering, AVEVA Operations Control

AVEVA Operations Control is industrial software that empowers teams with a consistent method of collaborating and operating from a cohesive and sustainable software framework - from edge to enterprise.

Digital transformation is faster with AVEVA Flex and digital enterprise cloud

Pay for what you use, and quickly scale as required. Gain peace of mind with complete flexibility, scalability, and agility.

AVEVA industrial software in the cloud drives business resiliency and ensures sustainable growth. It enables accelerated digital transformation , reduction of upfront costs and easily scale in response to dynamic economic conditions.

AVEVA Connect is our common cloud platform, providing a central location to access the broadest and deepest industrial software portfolio, as well as a flexible, powerful set of tools  including real-time information on software usage, that turn opportunities into business value.

Aveva flex and cloud

AVEVA Flex and cloud

Project scalability with Aveva

A single subscription programme that spans edge-to-cloud solutions. Easily scale your operations and projects with AVEVA Flex.

Combine complete flexibility with the breadth of AVEVA Operations Control.  Empower your operations with unlimited, unrestricted use of our broad industrial software  operations portfolio.

Our newest AVEVA Flex subscription offering - AVEVA Operations Control - represents the next step in the AVEVA Flex subscription offering.  It simplifies the way we make our robust software portfolio available, and speeds time-to-value, providing you with the industrial software needed to drive improved decision-making for the digital enterprise.

Aveva operations

Scale your capital project quickly according to your changing business needs.  Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and consume with complete flexibility as your needs evolve. Scale up or down, at the right time, with the right tools from our industrial software portfolio.

AVEVA Unified Engineering is the new standard for capital project engineering and design collaboration. Bi-directional information flow reduces project risk while simultaneously enhancing project efficiency and sustainability.

Discover the solutions you can access with AVEVA Flex

From engineering to operations, learn more about AVEVA’s industrial software solutions.

What are the AVEVA Flex commercial tiers?

Maximise the value of your subscription, accelerate subscription fast return, and benefit from inbuilt customer support.  AVEVA Flex offers several programme tiers to support your teams and engage your executives, and gives you complete flexibility to drive sustainable growth.


Subscribe to flexible product
licences and cloud services.

Ability to activate/deactivate your industrial software licenses in response to business needs.

Includes Customer FIRST
Programme – Standard Level

AVEVA Flex Enterprise

Single industrial software subscription programme tailored to large, multi-site enterprise deployments.
Enterprise pricing available for
contracts spanning 3 years or more.

Includes Customer FIRST
Programme – Premium Level

AVEVA Flex Enterprise Plus

Personalised enterprise subscription
to access the full portfolio of AVEVA industrial software.

Enterprise pricing available for
long term contracts (+3 years.)

Exclusive benefits and personalised
services including:

• Elite Customer FIRST Level

• Quarterly Business Reviews

• Digital Acceleration Consulting

• Executive Sponsor

Support is included with all AVEVA Flex commercial tiers

Your success is our mission, so our global Customer Support and Success teams of over 900 subject matter experts, extensive partner network, and comprehensive, industry-leading success offerings help you accelerate time to value and succeed in your digital transformation journey.

All AVEVA Flex commercial tiers include the AVEVA™ Customer FIRST Programme, our foundational programme that can be tailored to your needs.

It includes:

  • Software maintenance and innovation with version upgrades for new capabilities
  • Access to knowledgeable technical support experts
  • Optional success-based services and resources for added business value
Aveva flex support team

AVEVA Flex support team. How can our flexible subscription programme accelerate time to value and drive ROI?

Minimising Upfront Costs

In the first year CAPEX is typically


lower by purchasing software via subscription

Fast Return on Investment

Customers dramatically improve
ROI in less than


by reducing the CAPEX investment hurdle

Success stories

SCG Chemicals, Thailand's largest petrochemical company sets new industry standard with Digital Reliability Platform.

With full flexibility to access a solution
ecosystem, the AVEVA Flex central license management portal facilitated scaling the software to SCG’s evolving needs.

“AVEVA Flex eliminates traditional barriers to adoption by ensuring that customers can choose from a scalable set of solutions which are cyber-secure, based on industry standards, and support full asset and operations lifecycle capabilities such as design, visualization, supervisory control, AI, AR/VR, MES, asset performance, maintenance and condition management while only paying for the capabilities needed..."

Craig Resnick, Vice President
ARC Advisory Group

"For us to compete in today’s volatile market, we need a trusted partner who can help us master our digital transformation. The technical and commercial flexibility that AVEVA Flex provides is fundamental to that change and will help us remain agile and successful into the future.”

Giovanni Borinelli, General Manager NLMK Verona (Italian Steelmaker)

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