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Fortify Your Industrial Devices: Endpoint Protection & Anti-Virus for OT Systems


In today's industrial landscape, Operational Technology (OT) systems are the workhorses behind critical infrastructure, controlling everything from factory robots to power grids.

However, unlike modern IT systems, these devices often lack robust security measures, making them vulnerable to malware attacks.

Our solutions are hand picked to provide the specialised protection for the OT environment.  Gain extra peace of mind through our training and consultancy packages, with our experts on hand to guide through the complexity to a solution that's right for you.

OT Cyber Security Training

Understanding cyber security is essential in the industrial sector.

Through our specialised training programmes we empower your workforce with capabilities and insights, strengthening your defences against cyber attacks.

Contact our experts to explore our training solutions today.

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Our Endpoint Protection & Anti-Virus for OT Solutions

Lightweight & Optimised Anti-Virus

Our anti-virus solution is specifically designed for OT systems.  It's lightweight and optimised to run efficiently on older hardware and legacy operating systems to minimise impact on system performance while still providing robust protection against known malware threats.

Advanced Threat Detection

Go beyond traditional virus signatures. Our advanced threat detection capabilities identify and block sophisticated malware specifically designed to target OT systems.  This includes zero-day threats that haven't yet received a patch.

Application Whitelisting

Significantly reduce the attack surface on your OT devices with application whitelisting.  This feature allows only authorised applications to run, preventing unauthorised programs from executing and potentially compromising your systems.

Device Control

Gain granular control over device functionality with device control.  This allows you to limit access to ports and external storage media, further enhancing security and preventing unauthorised data transfer or manipulation.

Real-time Threat Protection

Our solutions provide continuous monitoring and protection for your OT systems.  This real-time defence safeguards your devices against evolving cyber threats, ensuring your critical infrastructure remains secure.

Why Prioritise Endpoint Protection & Anti-Virus for OT?

An Evolving Threat

Traditional anti-virus solutions might not be enough for your OT systems. Here's why dedicated endpoint protection is essential:
  • Legacy Systems: Many OT systems rely on older hardware and software, potentially lacking the capabilities to run resource-intensive antivirus programs.
  • Targeted Attacks: Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting OT systems with specialised malware designed to exploit their unique vulnerabilities.
  • Disruptive Downtime: A malware infection on a critical OT device can cause significant downtime, safety incidents and production losses.

Built for Industrial Environments

Our Endpoint Protection & Anti-Virus solutions offer a comprehensive defence specifically designed for OT systems:

  • Lightweight & Optimised: Our solutions run efficiently on even older hardware, minimising impact on system performance.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: We go beyond traditional virus signatures to identify and block sophisticated malware targeting OT systems.
  • Application Whitelisting: By only allowing authorised applications to run, we significantly reduce the attack surface and prevent unauthorised programs from executing on your OT devices.
  • Device Control: We offer granular control over device functionality, limiting access to ports and external storage to further enhance security.
  • Real-time Threat Protection: Our solutions provide continuous monitoring and protection against evolving cyber threats.

Benefits of a Dedicated Approach

Investing in Endpoint Protection & Anti-Virus for OT systems allows you to:

  • Safeguard Critical Infrastructure: Protect your OT devices from malware attacks and ensure operational continuity.
  • Minimise Downtime: Respond quickly and effectively to security threats, reducing the impact on production.
  • Enhance Overall Security Posture: Endpoint protection adds a vital layer of defence to your OT security strategy.

Cyber Consulting

We understand no two businesses are the same, as such we offer highly customisable consultancy services to understand your needs and cyber security requirements.

Find out more about our cyber consultancy packages or speak to our expert team to understand how we can help you.

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Peace of Mind for Industrial Operations

Don't leave your OT systems vulnerable to malware attacks.  Our Endpoint Protection & Anti-Virus solutions provide the specialised protection you need to safeguard your industrial environment and ensure reliable, secure operations.

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