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Endpoint Protection, Anti Virus

Next Generation Projection for Industrial Control Systems

Have you ever wondered who protects government agencies like the CIA, USAF, Space? No one openly talks about this; however, you may find some information on subtle blog posts from vendors but really this is as much intelligence as you will ever get. 

If NATO and all G7 government use a specific security stack as part of their defense in depth strategy, surely this is something that would be suitable for protecting OT systems?

What if the same security solution was capable of identifying threats years before they were ever created, this is like a time machine for security, going into the past to identify threats of the future.

Sounds like science fiction. No this is fact, and possibly one of the best untold stories for OT...

Government Grade Security for Industrial Systems

Intelligent Security. Everywhere. Blackberry secures more than 500M endpoints including 195M+ cars on the road today.

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