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AVEVA Historian and Historian Client


The world's most advanced process data management solution

Big data – collection, storage and analysis


With AVEVA Historian or Historian Client, you can implement powerful data analytics and capture the true potential of your operations. 



What is AVEVA (Wonderware) Historian?

Enjoy the capabilities of AVEVA Historian, a processing historian database designed to store incredible volumes of data generated within your facilities. This data historian software combines compression and stored data capabilities with its industry-leading Industrial SQL query interface, meaning process, alarm and event data is easily accessed.

Make your decisions quickly and keep your team fully-informed with AVEVA Historian.


Historian lets you interface with AVEVA InTouch HMI.


Historian is scalable - you can apply it to single processes or dozens of users and sites.

Reduce Costs

Efficient data storage methods significantly reduce operating costs.

Increased Legacy Value

Through high-speed data acquisition, more value can be gained from legacy systems.

Successful Analysis and Reports

Even the most demanding analysis and reporting can be done successfully through Historian, through local data storing and enterprise-level aggregation.

Capture and Validate Data, Anytime, Anywhere

Built-in data validation ensures the data you capture from single-node sources or highly-distributed sources is accurate. 

AVEVA Historian helps you to leverage the true and accurate value of your data

AVEVA Historian Client

A powerful data analysis and reporting tool that collaborates with AVEVA Historian.

Capitalise on real-time and historical data, putting in the hands of the people who need it the most. Plus, creating the most accurate and helpful kind of report is simpler than ever. Historian Client provides the perfect wide-angle snapshot of your operational processes, covering reports and data trends. 

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Why AVEVA Historian Client?

Historian Client offers the best access to your data sources and your production data. You can produce a single, centralised view of your data, meaning there’s no chance of confusion with multiple data sets. 

You can also bridge the gap between IT and OT through this more effective use of data. Historian Client ensures the different levels of your industrial operations, as well as your operators and stakeholders, are fully aligned.



Features of Aveva Historian Client

The Features of AVEVA Historian Client

Historian Client covers the important areas of data visualisation, analysis, management and reporting. It’s the perfect system for business continuity, with failsafes in case your primary historian software goes offline.

When you combine AVEVA Historian Client with AVEVA System Platform, you grant yourself the ability to build a proactive development ecosystem for managing production and performance, creating a more efficient working environment.

Through high-performance data analytics tools that cover your entire industrial plant process, Historian Client helps you to unlock your hidden operational potential.

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