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Enable the benefits of cloud based industrial platforms for even hard-to-reach assets with the Plant Portal kit by SolutionsPT | AVEVA Select UK & Ireland.

Cloud computing is now a well-established fact of life, and Industry 4.0 digitally connected IIoT solutions are now a staple in many industrial plants. But not all. Complexity, cost, and the time it takes to securely connect OT environments to a cloud solution are valid barriers to many industrial operations.

Plant Portal removes that complexity. Now any asset, at any site can be effortlessly connected to the cloud, allowing data to be accessed and analysed in real-time. Industry 4.0 just got easier.

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Plant Portal Solo

Enable Remote and Stranded Asset Network Connection

Disparate or remote assets are frequently not connected to the network or internet enabled, due to the complexity of the IT operation required to configure a tiered network and the risk of cyber-attack.

Plant Portal Solo is a low configuration solution bundle which easily supports a ‘plug and play’ approach. With in-built industrial grade security and over 250 industrial communications drivers, the risk and time investment required to connect remote operational assets using traditional IT methods is removed. Now all data, from all assets can be centralised through cloud-based technology.

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Plant Portal Connect

Bridge the IT and OT Divide

Many Industrial Enterprises have an air gap between company and plant networks because of the risk of cyber security and the effort involved to connect them.

Isolated OT automation networks can be connected to the Enterprise IT with the simple addition of the Plant Portal Connect solution which provides ready-to-go connectivity and security. The solution provides a secure path for data from the plant floor to the enterprise and cloud.

Plant Portal Solo / Plant Portal Connect Kit components:

Plant Portal in action


  • Network segregation that keeps plant devices isolated. This provides protection for local site assets from cyber-attacks and malicious damage
  • An Industrial firewall, featuring a de-militarised zone for Edge device to live in. This stops unwanted data leaking out or unwanted access to company information
  • Encrypted outbound-only connection to the cloud via a 4G router or your corporate network. No need for local on-site internet connection or special networking equipment
  • The hardware is DIN rail mountable in an Industrial rated enclosure supplied and assembled by our partner Platinum Engineering or by your preferred system integrator
  • A local Edge device that can provides web dashboards, ANDON screens and connection to a local monitor, if required


  • AVEVA Edge enabling data collection and aggregation from Site. It provides secure publishing of data to our cloud based industrial operations management platform.
  • 250 built in communication drivers to PLCs, IIoT devices and OPC sources. This enables nearly any site level device to share information to the cloud.
  • Built in web client to see dashboards and other screens locally on the plant floor.
  • Quick and easy configuration enabling rapid time to value.
  • Industrial Eagle 40 Firewall runs the industry specific HiSec OS, capable of deep packet inspection on OT traffic and dynamic network rule learning.
Edge Device Plant Portal

AVEVA Insight - Industrial cloud platform for Operations

  • Cloud based SaaS, no need to manage your own hardware infrastructure
  • Universal accessibility to data
  • Actionable Insights from Anywhere, Anytime, and Any Device
  • Read-only plant displays viewable from the cloud
  • Unlock critical data, increase collaboration, improve asset reliability & OEE
  • Implement work order management
  • Drive operational performance
  • Includes alarm views and operator logbook functionality

Plant Portal Kit Benefits


Unlock data and enable visualisation from anywhere in the world


Data is no longer trapped in remote assets, individual machines or HMIs on the plant


Plant Portal is an easy pathway to rapidly getting data into your industrial cloud platform for operations securely, and without causing disruption to your plant networks, requiring additional firewalls and lengthy IT involvement


Enable collective decision making with quick entry to the Cloud and leverage the benefits of IIoT and Industry 4.0 by simplifying architectures

Plant Portal Kit Assembly

We worked in partnership with Platinum Engineering to design and prototype the Plant Portal Panel. The Plant Portal kit can be assembled by a suitable qualified end user or system integrator.

Alternatively, Contact Us to discuss how Platinum Engineering can design and manufacture a tailored solution that meets your specific needs.

Plant Portal Kit Assembly - Platinum Electrical Engineering