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Bolster Your Defences: Cyber Threat Protection for OT Systems


In today's interconnected world, Operational Technology (OT) systems are the backbone of critical infrastructure, managing everything from factory automation to power grids.

However, this increased connectivity also makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Our expertise can help; whether it's consultancy, training or market leading threat protection software that's built for OT.

OT Cyber Security Training

Understanding cyber security is essential in the industrial sector.

Through our specialised training programmes we empower your workforce with capabilities and insights, strengthening your defences against cyber attacks.

Contact our experts to explore our training solutions today.

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Our Cyber Threat Protection Solutions

Network Security

Continuously monitor network traffic for suspicious activity with Network Traffic Anomaly Detection (NTAD) and Industrial Control System (ICS) Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).  Firewalls for OT Networks provide a first line of defence, filtering traffic based on security policies.

Endpoint Security

Safeguard industrial devices like PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA servers with endpoint protection.  This includes application whitelisting to restrict unauthorised programs, device control to limit functionality, and anti-malware specifically designed for OT systems.

Vulnerability Management

Identify and catalogue all connected devices within your OT network.  Vulnerability scanning then analyses these devices for known weaknesses, prioritising them based on criticality.  Patch management automates the deployment of security patches where applicable.

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) for OT

Monitor user activity within the OT environment to identify anomalies that might suggest unauthorised access or malicious insider threats.

Threat Intelligence

Stay informed on the latest cyber threats targeting OT systems with real-time threat feeds.  Proactive threat hunting services go beyond detection, actively searching for potential threats within your OT environment.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Provides real-time updates on the latest cyber threats targeting OT systems. This allows your detection systems to stay up-to-date and identify new attack methods.

Why Prioritise Cyber Threat Protection for OT?

Disaster Resilience: Preparing for the Unexpected

OT systems often rely on legacy infrastructure, lacking the robust security measures found in modern IT systems.  A successful cyber attack on your OT systems can lead to:

  • Disrupted Operations: Costly downtime and lost production.
  • Safety Hazards: Potential physical harm or environmental damage.
  • Data Breaches: Exposure of sensitive information or intellectual property.

Building a Robust Defence

Our comprehensive Cyber Threat Protection solutions provide a layered approach to securing your OT environment:

  • Network Traffic Monitoring: We continuously monitor network activity for unusual patterns or suspicious attempts to access or manipulate data.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: We employ sophisticated tools to identify and analyse potential threats, including malware, unauthorised access attempts, and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Management: We identify and catalogue all connected devices within your OT network. We then analyse these devices for known vulnerabilities and prioritise them based on criticality.
  • Endpoint Security: We offer endpoint protection specifically designed for industrial devices like PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA servers, featuring application whitelisting, device control, and malware detection.
  • User Behaviour Monitoring: We analyse user activity within the OT environment to identify anomalies that might suggest unauthorised access or malicious insider activity.

Benefits of Proactive Threat Detection

Implementing a cyber threat detection system allows you to:

  • Identify Threats Early: Respond quickly and prevent attacks before they cause damage.
  • Minimise Downtime: Restore operations faster in case of an attack.
  • Enhance Security Posture: Gain valuable insights to strengthen your overall OT security.

Benefits of Proactive Protection

Investing in Cyber Threat Protection for your OT systems allows you to:

  • Safeguard Operations: Prevent cyberattacks and ensure business continuity.
  • Minimise Downtime: Respond quickly and effectively to security incidents.
  • Enhance Security Posture: Gain valuable insights to strengthen your overall OT security.

Cyber Consulting

We understand no two businesses are the same, as such we offer highly customisable consultancy services to understand your needs and cyber security requirements.

Find out more about our cyber consultancy packages or speak to our expert team to understand how we can help you.

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Peace of Mind for Critical Infrastructure

Don't wait for a cyber attack to cripple your operations.  Our Cyber Threat Protection solutions provide the tools and expertise you need to safeguard your critical OT systems and ensure a secure, reliable environment.

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