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How MTC and SolutionsPT work together


What is MTC?

The Manufacturing Technology Centre is an independent Research & Technology Organisation working to bridge the gap between academia and industry, testbed the latest technology, provide industrial skills training, and support the UK manufacturing sector to compete on the world stage.

The MTC’s dedication to achieving excellence for UK manufacturing and all the people that work within it is synergistic with the SolutionsPT vision of Digital Transformation success for every enterprise. Both organisations operate at the forefront of digital transformation technology to empower the most important asset of an industrial enterprise, the human worker.


What We Do Together



Now more than ever, manufacturing enterprises must be agile and flexible. There are numerous reasons why companies would look to manufacture products close to the point of sale, from reduced shipping costs to a faster speed to market.

Manufacturing abroad can also be a necessary step for some UK organisations to compete on the global stage. Setting up a production facility in a new location, whether it’s a customer site, or a new company, while keeping a consistent product offering is a huge challenge which FIAB tackles head-on.

The Factory-in-a-box is transported and deployed in a single shipping container. The mini, mobile factories use smart sensors, super-fast broadband and big data capabilities to measure and control production processes accurately, from anywhere in the world. FIAB offers UK enterprises of any size the capability to manufacture where their customers are.

Guided Analytics

Webinar Design

Dubbed “the next stage of machine learning”, Guided Analytics is an in-built feature of AVEVA Insight software. The supervised machine learning tool allows operators to create custom training models with their own anomaly detection framework in just a few clicks. Importantly, with Guided Analytics, there is no data scientist or coding experience required to unlock this functionality.

To showcase this revolutionary technology development, SolutionsPT and MTC collaborated to create a demonstrator. At the time, the demonstrator was the first in the world to showcase this advancement, and following its success, Guided Analytics has since been deployed by the Coal Authority to automate data analytics for 75 pumps across 60 locations, enabling multi-site predictive and preventive maintenance.

The demonstrator acts as a risk-free testbed for other UK enterprises to assess the benefits of machine learning within their own organisation. 

For the full story, read the case study here.

More to come

SolutionsPT and the MTC continue to collaborate on exciting new projects that further advance digital transformation for UK manufacturing at MTC sites in both Liverpool and Coventry.

Our next collaborative effort will address the challenge of raw material dosing in small batch production.

Stay tuned for more details.

MTC Video Case Study

We partner with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) on innovative new industrial framework

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Highlighted Technology

Throughout our long-term collaboration, SolutionsPT and the MTC have partnered on an innovative industrial framework.

Designed to put UK companies at the leading edge of the industry 4.0 revolution, the MTC turned to SolutionsPT to supply world-class industrial digital software, training, and support to bring digital transformation to UK businesses of any size.


Manufacturing Operations Transformation

Digital transformation is a way of creating an environment where aligning processes is natural and quality, safety and compliance flourish. Using MES to maximise the profitability, flexibility, quality and compliance of your manufacturing process.  

Through integration, empowerment and digital transformation, you’ll be capable of enhancing your business-critical operations.


More about the Transformation

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Improve operational performance, optimise regulatory compliance, and gain transparency across your supply chain and increased plant-to-enterprise communication. AVEVA MES boasts a blanket 10% increased productivity immediately after deployment with a 20% reduction in manufacturing costs.

For more information visit the MES page or download our handy brochure here.

Find out more about MES


InTouch HMI

Visualise, control and optimise your operations through AVEVA’s award-winning InTouch HMI.
Move beyond simplistic graphics and create meaningful content that drives enterprise-wide productivity improvements and cost savings. Empower the human workforce with the tools they need to interact with industrial automation systems, bridging the gap between operator and asset.
For a measured increase in operator effectiveness, download the datasheet here.
Read more about InTouch


Gain actionable insights from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Remote operations have moved from a desired capability to a business-critical need in a post-pandemic world, and AVEVA Insight is quick to deploy and uncovers opportunities for improvement in a matter of minutes.

With Artificial Intelligence built-in, AVEVA Insight brings the next stage of machine learning to every customer. Removing the need for data scientist expertise, complicated algorithms can be deployed in just a few clicks. Leading customers to improved operational efficiency, proactive maintenance approaches and asset utilisation.

Learn more about Insight