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Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management at Enterprise Scale

Discover, manage, protect, and audit privileged account access across your organisation

As cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, effective and agile Privileged Access Management (PAM) has become mission-critical for organisations of every size.  

OT assets often have shared passwords or user accounts that are commonly known. This exposure significantly increases the more 3rd party contractors that you have on site, they leave, staff change, and your passwords are static and widely known. How do you change these credentials without causing issues to production systems in an automated way  

Now you can adopt an aggressive privileged account security posture with an Enterprise and Government grade PAM solution, available both on premise or in the cloud. Empower your Security and Operations teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts quickly and easily. 


The Key Benefits

privileged account management better protection
Protect Passwords

Secure vaulting and password management for privileged accounts across your OT infrastructure is of paramount importance. Having the ability to proactively protection these master keys including automated password changing and defining configurable policies on their use. Placing you back in control with intelligent workflows including checkout, privileged access request, justification requirements and tiered approval providing segregation of duties. 

privileged account management prevent detect respond
Eliminate Internal and External Threats

Discovery mechanism can identify service accounts across the entire network, custom scripts support to configure dependencies, hooks and integrations on your own terms. Password rotation updates without breaking operational dependencies.

privileged account management
Audit and Report

Auditing, reporting and alerting schedules proactively meet compliance obligations, essential for highly regulated environments. Granular policy controls can be applied across all devices and teams.

how to manage privileged account management
Detect Suspicious activity

Real-time session monitoring and control includes proxying, session recording, and keystroke logging. Integrations with SIEM and vulnerability scanners provide visibility, behaviour analysis leverages machine learning to identify abnormal user behaviour.

You automate your factory, why not automate your password management?

Remove the uncertainty of who knows your secure credentials

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Using PAM

Improved Security

Protect privileged accounts to tighten your attack surface and resilience 


Unburden Support Teams

Control PAM easily with a simplified interface and streamlined design 

privileged account management in use

Meet Compliance Mandates

Avoid significant financial penalties 


Common Criteria Certified

Our solution has been certified as suitable for use in government and other high-risk industries  

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