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Secure Data Exchange


Mitigate risks with a guaranteed one-way data flow between networks


One Way Guaranteed

Data Diodes mitigates risk of transferring data from a secure environment to one which is less secure. Data is guaranteed to flow only one-way, allowing communications to be passed from one network to another without any possibility of information flowing back. 

Diodes are unidirectional because the source device uses an optical diode to transmit, there are no receive component built into the hardware. Where the highest level of assurance is required, a diode that is certified to Common Criteria EAL7 can be deployed. Software agents resides on either side of the diode, data is transmitted between these proxies over a single strand of fibre. The destination server receives the data through a second optical diode that only has receive components 

In marked contrast to a firewall which is software only, protection is enforced at a hardware level. This approach is ideal for organisations in high threat industries who need to isolate critical systems and yet allow them to interact with others to exchange information or obtain software updates. 

Mitigating risks with data diode solution

Key Benefits

data diodes easy to deploy
Easy to Deploy and Manage

Data Diodes can be configured quickly, often up and running in under 30 minutes, most solutions have a highly intuitive Web browser interface or is managed using simple shell commands. Data Diodes maintain a reliable transfer of information which includes flow control mechanisms to make data transfers reliable along with error detection. 

secure data with key business applications
Integrates with Key Business Applications

Our Data Diodes support many of the standard IT and OT protocols out of the box, some in our portfolio allow data transformation, syntactic and semantic verification of content and protocol breaks as advised by the NCSC for Safely Importing Data

secure data exchange

Capable of providing enhanced levels of protection, in addition to enforcing a uni-directional data flow, our solutions can integrate with both content checking and content threat removal technologies. We test our products with Wonderware and have solutions that allow secure transfers from edge to enterprise and edge to cloud.  

Firewalls are Software devices, why not enforce this essential security in Hardware?

You won't find EAL7 assurance on software firewalls. If you’d like to talk, get in touch here.

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data diode solution

Fast & Reliable

Transfers can approach 100% line speed when used without content transformation.  

Improve Security Monitoring

Audit logs can be forwarded to security monitoring systems using standard protocols, allowing Data Diodes to be part of your overall protective monitoring strategy.  

data diodes built for self-defence

Defend High Threat Systems

Systems that face a high level of threat need protection against sophisticated attacks. Diodes supplied by SolutionsPT are designed and built with self-defence in mind, providing the fail-safe security needed by critical systems. 

Delivered as an Appliance

Our Diodes are off-the-shelf appliance that are ready to work out of the box. 

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