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Thin Client Computing


Zero client architecture. Security in a sustainable and scalable platform


85% of Breaches involve compromised Endpoints

Endpoints are the most common entry point for threats, and your largest attack surface. Companies spend thousands on cyber security, yet hackers and disgruntled employees continue breaching systems.  

OT endpoints often require elevated or even administrator permission due to the way control software has been written, this leaves a large attack surface for adversaries to exploit. These actions are not best practice but yet widely adopted and accepted practices, simply because Windows permissions are difficult or sometimes impractical to implement

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Thin client

High Availability with Low Cost of Ownership

Modern automation is all about visualisation, it is common to have computers running in many locations within a production facility. ThinManager allows control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment.

Thin client architecture provides IT/OT professionals the applications and tools to necessary to reduces management and maintenance costs while dramatically increasing security. Zero footprint endpoints which have no software installed; dramatically reducing the attack and patch surface of your environment.

The Key Benefits

better  protection
Secure by Design

Processing is on hardened and highly available terminal servers which are located in a secure environment. Endpoint visualisation is presented on ‘zero hardware’ which has no operating system installed and only needing a minimal set of TCP ports open on the display network.

prevent detect respond
Flexible Multiple Factor Authentication

ThinManager supports passwords and a large selection of the RFIDeas RDR family of card readers. Authentication can be either password, RFID card or both; enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (something you have plus something you know).

Thin client
Load Balanced, High Availability

SmartSession uses CPU availability, memory, and the number of sessions on the terminal servers to determine the load. Zero clients connect to the terminal server with the most available resources. ThinManager also provides the added safety of instant server failover if a server does go offline.

Patching made as simple as 1, 2, 3

Step1: Take a server out of the load balance. Step2: Apply patches and test. Step3: Re-introduce the patched server back into the load balancer

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Thin client compliance


ThinManager provides a powerful set of tools that lets you focus on producing more while complying with security frameworks.



Endpoints are isolated from production network, strict firewall rules protect critical assets from the HMI layer.

Thin client hardware

Do More With Less

Failed endpoints replaced in minutes, failed servers fail over automatically


Extended Security

Unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform




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