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Privilege Management Solutions


Least Privilege, Seamless for End-Users and Operators

85% of Breaches involve compromised Endpoints

Endpoints are the most common entry point for threats, and your largest attack surface. Companies spend thousands on cyber security, yet hackers and disgruntled employees continue breaching systems.  

OT endpoints often require elevated or even administrator permission due to the way control software has been written, this leaves a large attack surface for adversaries to exploit. These actions are not best practice but yet widely adopted and accepted practices, simply because Windows permissions are difficult or sometimes impractical to implement 

Privilege Manager (PM) empowers you to implement a least privilege security posture and implement application control on endpoints minimising risks caused by cyberattacks or insider threats without disrupting end-user experience.

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The Key Benefits

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Secure Your Largest Attack Surface

Automatically remove all admin credentials from domain and standalone endpoints. Elevate applications with policy-based controls. Prevent malware and insider threats from exploiting privileged local credentials on endpoints. Supports Windows XP SP3 or greater, so you have a single solution which includes legacy systems 

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Implement Least Privilege Enforcement

Remove excess privileges and permanently control which accounts are members of any local group. Continuously discover endpoints, applications, and processes tied to privileged accounts. Check policies and execute application control 24/7. View actionable reporting through a single, streamlined dashboard

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Control Your Applications

Create granular application control policies for whitelisting, blacklisting, and graylisting. Elevate application without requiring administrator credentials or requesting support. Allow operators to use applications and controls they need to do their jobs, without requiring local admin rights.

Is your SCADA system running with excessive privilege?

If so, you're probably not alone... but it really doesn't have to be this way

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privilege management

Improve Security

Protect privileged accounts to tighten your attack surface and build resilience 


Unburden support teams

Improved security that doesn’t create additional support overhead 

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Meet Compliance Mandates

Avoid significant financial penalties 


Scale Your PM 

Manage thousands of machines with built-in application control, real-time threat intelligence, and actionable reporting 

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