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AVEVA Customer FIRST for your Monitor and Control Software


What is AVEVA Customer FIRST?

The AVEVA Customer FIRST program is a fee based software maintenance and technical support program designed for users to extract and retain the maximum benefit from their AVEVA software investments.

The program is the foundation of your service and support relationship with  SolutionsPT and AVEVA . It offers a
comprehensive portfolio of services, including software version upgrades and maintenance, expert technical support and success-based services to help you get the most value possible from your investment in our software and keep your operations running smoothly.

Customer FIRST is purchased in the form of an annual or multi-year agreement, purchased separately or as part of your software subscription.

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Key Features and Benefits

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Software version upgrades and maintenance

Continuous software maintenance and innovation through version upgrades to keep your software “state-of-the-art” so you can respond quickly to
challenges and opportunities

Access to exceptional technical support

Access to technical support experts to quickly remedy any technical issue you may experience as you install, fine-tune, and upgrade your software

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Optional services and success accelerators

Optional services, resources, and system
management applications to efficiently maintain and optimize the performance of your software and meet your changing business needs

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Delivers in critical ways to help you get the most value from your AVEVA Software

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Simplify your business complexities and get maximum value from your AVEVA software

Your business has enough challenges already, with constantly changing needs, market and competitive conditions, operational situations, rapidly changing technologies, and myriad of other concerns. 

The program is a cost-effective approach to help you manage and mitigate some of these complexities. With industry-leading software maintenance, support, and success services, it can help you get the maximum value from your investment in AVEVA’s software no matter what phase your plant or application lifecycle may be in.


Levels of support available

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