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AVEVA™ Flex Subscription Programme


Our Commitment to Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation

Just imagine if you could have complete flexibility in how you purchase, design, and use your industrial software.

Our subscription program AVEVA Flex allows you to do just that. Removing the traditional barriers to software adoption, customers are empowered to leverage leading technologies and respond to evolving market demands quicker. Helping align investments with value, enhance business agility, and accelerate transformation and growth.

See how AVEVA Flex can transform your business.

see how flex can transform your business

Industrial Software. Limitless Possibilities.

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What are the AVEVA Flex Subscription Options?

AVEVA Flex offers our variety of subscription options with edge-to-cloud integration and advanced visualization, to simplify and streamline the design, consumption, and management of your industrial applications.

You can choose the option that better fit your company’s size and requirements:

AVEVA Subscription Access
Offering a-la-carte access to individual solutions in our software portfolio
  • Available in 1, 3 or 5-year terms
  • Access to individual solutions in our industrial software portfolio
  • Standard Technical Support included with every subscription
AVEVA Subscription Credits

Consumable credits that can be redeemed for a variety of subscription tiers

  • Available in 1, 3 or 5-year terms
  • Access across our comprehensive software portfolio
  • Interchange software tiers, options, and licenses as needs evolve
  • Standard Technical Support included in every Subscription tier
AVEVA Subscription Enterprise

Customized subscription solutions tailored to large multi-site enterprise deployments

  • Available in 3-5 year terms
  • Full customized access to our complete software portfolio
  • Premium or Elite Technical Support included

AVEVA Flex Credits - Subscription Tiers


Small Processes


Departmental Users


Site Wide Users


Medium Enterprise Users


Flexibility at its Core

At the heart of AVEVA Flex is our commitment to provide the FLEXIBILITY you need to monitor, operate, control, analyse and optimize your industrial operations, with:

  • Significant reduction in upfront costs and capital expenditure
  • Realise business, tax & financial value in moving dynamic costs from your Balance Sheet (CapEx) to your Profit & Loss (OpEx)
  • Leaner balance sheet and enhanced cash flow with capacity to reallocate funds to other areas ofstrategic importance
  • Ability to build projects to realise business value & benefits – not to align with capital budgets

  • Access a variety of our leading software solutions on-premise or in the cloud
  • Automatically benefit from the latest advances in software and communication technologies
  • Flexibility to monitor and operate your system from a variety of platforms - web, mobile, cloud, desktop
  • Various “sized to fit," scalable options with the capacity to adjust usage and data points as needs evolve
  • Easily manage the distribution and compliance of all license entitlements

  • Flexibility to enable a variety of common architectures and combinations - on-premise, cloud and hybrid
  • Superior integration capabilities with an array of open, seamless, hardware-agnostic solutions
  • Migration from the rigidity of a tag-based model to an unlimited Supervisory Server
  • Capacity and flexibility to implement solutions and architectures across a variety of industrial applications
  • Flexibility to adapt the solution architecture at all points in the project lifecycle – including prototyping, design, commissioning & expansion

  • Automatically benefit from our range of leading Customer Support options
  • Seamlessly access the latest software version upgrades and enhancements
  • Leverage a range of exclusive training and onsite software monitoring services
  • Gain access to dedicated Customer Success Managers

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