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Edge to Enterprise - by SolutionsPT

The business landscape of today is iterative. It’s competitive and quick to change. The nature of this means you need to empower your assets, maintain and improve performance and maximise the potential of your operational systems.

Businesses are looking for intelligence in automation. This could come under the remit of industrial hardware, system infrastructure, continuous process or hybrid. It’s a necessity for companies aiming to lead. Tools such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, big data and edge computing are providing systems with a much more well-rounded set of capabilities - from analysing data in real-time to providing proactive support company-wide.

These technologies enhance each business component, all the way from Edge, to Enterprise.

That’s where AVEVA’s latest family of HMI and supervisory (SCADA) control software comes in. Edge to Enterprise is here to deliver real-time results and better decision-making. You can find yourself in a streamlined working environment where you can transform hard data into company-wide, accessible visualisation. It’s here to empower your organisation to make smarter decisions and operate in real-time for SCADA, HMI, Supervisory and IIoT.

Edge to Enterprise gives you the ability to connect, empower and transform. Within the operational landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to increase the return on their assets and remain competitive.

On this page, we’ll explore why Edge to Enterprise is the right choice for industrial plant environments, creating a more pro-active operational working standard and increasing safety for your personnel. It’s the right choice for anyone looking to connect their disparate teams and benefit from real-time, in-depth insight into your industrial processes.

Connect. Empower. Transform.

01 What Is Edge to Enterprise?

Edge to Enterprise is a group of HMI and supervisory (SCADA) control software, designed to create flexibility, efficiency and transparency for your workforce. Made up of key applications such as cloud-driven remote edge management, IIoT architectures and multi-site control, they each act as integral, inter-linked components within the platform.

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It’s the integrated nature of the software that improves visibility between your operators and increases reaction times. But it’s not just about being reactive, but proactive. Edge to Enterprise helps you build an environment prepared for whatever comes next.

Edge to Enterprise is also the keystone to connectivity. Connecting operations and workers across agile, flexible networks is a modern prerequisite for maintaining success. By enabling cloud-based connectivity over multiple devices and hardware, you can capitalise fully on the collaborative nature of the modern digital age.

Connect assets to lines, lines to multi-sites and multi-sites to unified operation centres. 

You can watch our first webinar on the launch of Edge to Enterprise here.

How Does It Work?

The AVEVA Edge to Enterprise software family offers connected components that coordinate across every business level. By integrating the software within this portfolio, you can leverage visibility across your supply chain through visualisation graphics. These graphics provide a faster and easier analysis experience and grant greater context to your data.


To increase accessibility, these graphics are cross-platform compatible, supporting a number of devices from desktops to tablets. Industrial Graphics enables better storage and management in the integrated AVEVA cloud, enabling standardisation to be captured across the whole HMI/SCADA portfolio, to different teams and plants. 

Edge to Enterprise is one platform, but it includes many functions, such as:

  • Data-driven context Operations Management Interface (OMI) responsive visualisation - a world first.
  • Mobile access through the latest web technologies.
  • Hybrid IIoT ecosystem, incorporated through both a cloud and on-premise scalable, flexible architecture.
  • Enterprise wide scalability with the ability to start small and grow as your needs and requirements develop.
  • Platform & Vendor agnostic software, easily integrating with any PLC/PAC, IIoT or Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) device, including information technology and business platforms.
  • Graphics libraries, automation libraries and out-of-the-box application standards.
  • Integrated Process Historian, which is high-performance and includes a cloud-based SaaS offering.
  • Node-to-node Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, ensuring quality security.
  • A pedigree of 30+ years of operational technology experience behind its design.

Visualising Edge to Enterprise

Edge to Enterprise takes many viewpoints and capabilities and combines them into one platform.

Enterprise: AVEVA Unified Operations Center

The AVEVA Unified Operations Center acts as the foundation for experiencing real-time operational capabilities. With it, you can action closed-loop collaboration and execution.

It provides a centralised view, allowing for increasingly fast and well-informed decision-making. You can also capture end-to-end transparency and eliminate issues surrounding ‘automation sprawl’.


Multi-site: AVEVA System Platform

With AVEVA System Platform, experience world-first OMI visualisation for contextualised data. With visualisation like that, entire enterprises can gain standardisation.

AVEVA System Platform is an easily accessible, single dashboard that helps you to visualise performance. With both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning being leveraged, the innovative components enable smart manufacturing.

engine graphic


A single source of the truth collected from the edge that has been around for decades and can be found in one-third of all industrial facilities. Now even more accessible with remote web-based browser support.

Line: AVEVA Edge

Improve embedded and OEM applications through this full-featured HMI. Route gathered data through SCADA or the cloud and monitor remotely - from your smartphones or devices, wherever you are. 

Edge: AVEVA Edge IoT

The super lightweight, Linux-based AVEVA Edge IoT provides Edge Management IIoT and is fully cloud-integrated.



For more information on Edge to Enterprise’s components and capabilities, take a look at this useful infographic on the real-time Operations Management Platform for Supervisory Control, SCADA and IIoT.

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02 The Edge to Enterprise Architecture in Practice

Go beyond simple data collection.

The usual barriers you find when collating industrial data, from the system edge to the enterprise level, are quickly being worn down. Historically, the difficulty of data collection and the siloed nature of software has made integration a challenge. Similarly, data from different sources, such as edge devices, hasn’t always been visible within the supply chain.

Many organisations suffer from a lack of purpose-built, “off-the-shelf” industrial solutions and are left to use proprietary software and in-house engineering to implement new tech. Unfortunately, this can limit the chance of gaining key benefits, such as the KPI-level data democratisation made possible by cloud integration.

Implementing an Edge to Enterprise responsive environment doesn’t mean integrating every single piece of tech on the market. It’s about producing a scalable, functional architecture - the best fit for your needs. This means for your current situation, it fits its purpose, there’s always room for iteration and growth when the time comes and your needs start to change.

Sample Architectures

One of the main advantages of Edge to Enterprise is the scalability of its features. This scalability can be applied in hardware, software and platform-agnostic ways, guaranteeing complete, enterprise-wide flexibility. 

It’s through this interoperability your infrastructure can capture digital transformation. Integration testing, proof of concepts, prototypes, system upgrades and maintenance - all of these can be optimised. Here are some architecture examples you can explore to get a feel for the adaptable nature of Edge to Enterprise.

Manufacturing Plant With Cloud Infrastructure

This example has been created within the remit of a cloud-first strategy. The infrastructure is moved to a private corporate cloud ecosystem, with AVEVA Connect Cloud and virtual hardware integrated within. 

This architecture includes the following build features:

  • IIoT sensors, non-intrusively incorporated within existing equipment, utilise the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) broker to publish the necessary data securely and with store forward capabilities.
  • AVEVA drivers subscribe to the MQTT broker to receive the IIoT data for analysis.
  • System Platform is also supported in a private cloud, acting as a replication repository for data processed at the edge or in AVEVA Insight.
  • Different levels of operators can access this asset information in two different ways depending on their needs and job role. 
    • Through AVEVA Insight for frictionless access to key KPIs, the operational efficiency and unsupervised machine learning
    • Directly through OMI in the private cloud to provide information in context with business data from all assets in the enterprise.


IoT Ready Field Device With IIoT Embedded Capabilities

This architecture can be scaled to one device, a few or hundreds. It starts with an IIoT-enabled field device, which can be deployed remotely through our AVEVA Connect Edge Management services. These services remove the need to service every individual device at the edge and allows you to deploy simultaneously through its templatised approach. These devices can talk to the equipment at the edge and then: 

  • Transfer bi-directional data to AVEVA InTouch HMI, AVEVA Plant SCADA and AVEVA System Platform through the MQTT broker driver over large distances.
  • Send data directly to AVEVA Insight.


Large Distributed Architecture

Large distributed architectures are built from a Unified Operations Management Centre with a Command and Control room. The flexibility and opportunity here is endless but some of the many features include:

  • Connection to all areas of the distributed enterprise.
  • Utilising the most efficient way for processing real-time and historical data through the edge, plant, control room, unified operations centre or cloud.
  • Remote deployment to edge locations.
  • Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.
  • Immediate access to information from the field in context with enterprise systems based on and designed for the user.

Some of the main benefits that can be realised from this are:

  • Rapid response to adverse situations.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Reduced costs due to unnecessary maintenance.
  • Complete supply chain visibility.

For more information on scalable architectures, watch our webinar, ‘Designing systems that reach from Edge to Enterprise’.

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03 Empowering Users

The power of Edge to Enterprise is not in its individual parts, but the sum of them. The integration of the platform guarantees a single, innovative and proactive line-of-sight, bringing together data that was previously disparate.

Edge to Enterprise empowers workforces through not only edge computing, but also everything from edge device monitoring to management and control at the HMI, SCADA and Enterprise levels. Management can interpret what’s needed and scale the platform up or down accordingly to fit your needs and the changing market environment.

So, in what ways does Edge to Enterprise benefit and empower users?

OMI Data Contextualisation

The OMI extends the capabilities of AVEVA HMI and SCADA. It’s a way of accessing more than just real-time data, providing context at the very heart of your operational management. 

Through OMI, you can access webpages, map applications, alarms or any other third-party integrated system. It’s also easy to use, with the OMI’s data-driven interface needing no scripting and can be integrated with any existing application.

Mobile Connectivity

With Edge to Enterprise, we want to provide data in context, so it’s there for people regardless of their location and adapted to their specific needs. Creating a connected platform means democratising data, which makes for a more connected worker. By extending the reach of the software, we deliver more value to our users.

The Edge to Enterprise platform operates from a cloud-based functionality, meaning you can gain value above and beyond pure data storage. With the process visualisation capability, you can access data away from the control room. Different personas (depending on their role) can leverage visual content to cater to their unique needs.

Take, for example, the workflow of a field technician who needs to service equipment. Being able to access a portal and see the live-status of machinery and equipment allows for a more effective, safer and quicker job.

Similarly, take a plant operations manager or supervisor. This individual will be more concerned with the macro-level operations and processes of a facility. A visual dashboard with live data gives them a better understanding of the plant operational performance and provides a better foundation for decision-making. 

Finally, turn your mind to an executive manager, a persona even more separated from operations. They’re likely to be more concerned with KPIs, statistics and performance data, which could originate in potentially globally-distributed assets. These personas can also leverage the same quality visualisation value through AVEVA Insight. 

Whichever resonates with you, you can easily create a dashboard with the live content catered to your bespoke needs. 

Digitising Work and Operations

Edge to Enterprise is the platform for augmenting the worker. By this, we mean providing a strong and capable digital platform that truly enhances your workflows. For example, something as simple as a mobile app offering can enable users to view data and KPIs on-the-go for increased real-time decision-making. 

This iterative, interconnected platform is a place where you can digitise your workflows and SOPs and collaborate on multi-user planning scenarios. It also enables you to:

  • Superimpose real-time data and virtual objects onto equipment and processes through augmented reality software.
  • Through a first-principles connected emulation, train operators with virtual plants that respond as they would in the real world.

With Edge to Enterprise, you’re equipping the next generation of your workforce with the means to succeed.

AI in Manufacturing

With AI capabilities, Edge to Enterprise improves your operations through offering guidance when it comes to risk-based decisions and a proactive approach to problem-solving. You benefit from not only improved sustainability but also significant savings in terms of cost and better market readiness.

AI is changing the face of industrial markets and is helping to completely redefine how traditional operation workflows are carried out. These changes are affecting everything from how you perform maintenance to how you forecast for your operations and beyond.

With our AVEVA offerings, you can experience a truly integrated cloud-based AI environment. With these systems, mitigate risk and improve the safety and efficiency of your workforce. As AI develops, organisations need to leverage it to create a more successful and sustainable enterprise.

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04 Digital Transformation in Practice

The changes in global markets demand a change in operational efficiency. Something as small as a 1% boost to productivity can have huge ramifications. However, creating an environment where that’s possible can be a challenge. Outdated communication, planning and analysis systems don’t help us grow or iterate our processes.

To combat this, many organisations are implementing digital transformations within their businesses - the use of innovative technologies to combat any operational friction or inefficiencies. These systems, such as Edge to Enterprise, are connected, accessible and enterprise-wide. 

Hardware is connected to subsystems; subsystems are connected to platforms and platforms are connected to users across the board, bringing universal visibility to operational proceedings. 

The key benefit of digital transformation is that it can be completely tailored to your working environment. Scalability is a keystone of the Edge to Enterprise system offering, helping to bring a targeted light to non-contextualised data. 

Edge to Enterprise can be seen as a multitude of digital offerings packaged into one:

  • HMI/SCADA provides insight into real-time operational changes.
  • Edge computing creates logic at the source of data and shares it via the cloud.
  • The cloud connects users across distances and levels, unifying data streams into an enterprise-wide view.

Digital transformation through Edge to Enterprise is a way of guaranteeing flexibility. It helps everyday operators to become more digitally connected and savvy. Through digital transformation, we take the disparate and turn it into the connected. 

Strategies That Span Your Entire Network

Edge to Enterprise is an integration solution. Where once your network for operations may have been top-down, bottom-up in terms of communication, it can now be web-like where everything is connected. Data can be shared from one enterprise-level to another. 

The comprehensive nature of Edge to Enterprise is the answer. Spanning Edge devices to HMI/SCADA and beyond into every corner of your industrial landscape helps solve the challenge of non-unified businesses. Through bringing your operations into the Edge to Enterprise ecosystem, you can create a rich flow of reliable data, which individual operators can dip into for the answers and visibility they need.

Delve into your working processes - are they providing the data you need to true visualisation? From engineers to business leaders, everyone should be looking for increased efficiency, connectivity and data transparency. For industrial environments, implementing digital transformation through Edge to Enterprise is the way to turn individual systems into iterative networks.

Edge to Enterprise is the software suite for anyone looking to increase productivity, efficiency and transparency. To discover more about 

Find Out More About the Edge to Enterprise Products

If the Edge to Enterprise software family interests you but you’d like to learn more about how it can be applied to your bespoke situation, explore these resources. First you can look at one of the products that makes up the Edge to Enterprise offering: AVEVA System Platform.

Secondly, why not explore one of our case studies to see the software in action? You can see how Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) are using AVEVA within their Panorama Digital Command Centre. Through our help, they’re able to:

  • Empower themselves within strategic decision-making and create a better environment for collaboration.
  • Increase the reliability and performance of their assets while reducing the chance of unplanned downtime.
  • Maximise their net profit through aligning their operational processes and value chain.

Click here to explore ADNOC’s case study.

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