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AVEVA System Platform (formerly Wonderware)

Power your operations with a people-centered, standards-based system.

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What is AVEVA System Platform?

Take control of MES, SCADA and your IIoT applications with AVEVA System Platform, an intuitive ecosystem for response and intuition. 

AVEVA System Platform is a scalable platform that brings together your operational processes, assets, and employees. With this technology, you can increase and sustain your improvement efforts as well as leverage the real-time support of decision making.

This system design is easy to use, flexible, and secure. The software behind it is designed to be efficient and work with historical data from a single information model.

Here’s what the AVEVA System Platform offers:

  • Node to node TLS encryption.
  • Bespoke centralised deployment.
  • A data-driven, contextualised Operations Management Interface (OMI) client.
  • Dynamically-built runtime applications.
  • Comprehensive library of Industrial Graphics, objects and UI/UX runtime framework.
  • Innovative, limitless scalability.


AVEVA Infographic - Real-time Operations Management Platform

Simple Build, Simple Use

With the ultimate in responsive HMI development, you’re able to create a one-of-a-kind user experience, bringing in any third-party system, in context, across a multitude of devices. Requiring only one configuration, it can then be deployed anywhere.

You’ll also be able to utilise:


Object libraries for industry
Pre-built faceplates, trends and symbols
Fully hardware-agnostic functionality
Seamless connections with any vendor

Your engineers and operators can access and find value right away, navigating the platform easily, benefiting from an in-depth and meaningful functionality. They can journey from proof-of-concept to testing with ease, providing a sophisticated environment to develop within. On top of that, within the AVEVA System Platform, you can also:

  • Test multi-monitor configurations without monitor access.
  • Optimise HMI content or monitor configuration across every display.

Digital, Industrial IoT, Responsive Platform

The world's only responsive, scalable solution for supervisory, SCADA, HMI, and IIoT for the integrated enterprise

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Experience Cloud-Based Monitoring

AVEVA System Platform integrates seamlessly with the cloud, meaning that it’s an inherently collaborative platform. Built in UIs allow replication of asset information for access to data such as equipment effectiveness, alarm analysis, geolocation, operator notes and even unsupervised machine learning. All of this is in context with the local assets that are all well known in your enterprise.


Enhanced Situational Awareness

Process delays can present problems, hitting productivity where it’s most detrimental. However, with the empowerment that AVEVA System Platform guarantees operators, you can experience the situational awareness needed to keep things moving. 

By quickly navigating HMI displays, operators benefit from the increased usability and simplicity of the interface. AVEVA System Platform also provides that much-needed context and clarity to historical data, alongside access to playback views of operational processes - which work on any graphic or monitor screen.

Your statistical data is calculated in real-time without the need for coding. It also enables you to process a year’s worth of data in less than a second, which provides immediate access to client performance trends. It’s the ultimate provider of iterative, responsive and holistic situational awareness.

AVEVA System Platform Resources

1/3 of All World’s Plants Run on AVEVA (Wonderware) Software.

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