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SCADA and HMI from Edge to Enterprise

AVEVA Edge is a small footprint, full-featured HMI for embedded and OEM applications.

It helps users to work smarter and build better. With ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, these capabilities are here to be utilised for unique automation environments.


Integrated IIoT Solutions 

Machine functionality is the end-game. You want to operate in a cloud-based, integrated ecosystem, one that not only allows, but promotes rapid and accurate responses. This must include remote configuration, inter-device interoperability and user-friendliness.

AVEVA Edge can utilise the cloud for application distribution meaning that it’s not only integrated, but completely scalable. It also enables the use of the Industrial Graphics (formally ArchestrA Graphics) which are native to all AVEVA HMI / SCADA software for rapid development and standardises the look and feel across your projects. Harness all of the actionable data captured, on any device, wherever you are.

InTouch Edge HMI is now AVEVA Edge

AVEVA Edge is a comprehensive platform that includes all the tools you’ll need to make SCADA and HMI applications that have real power behind them.

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What Does AVEVA Edge Offer?


Industry Solutions For Simple Development

Pre-configured templates for Andon (notification of quality or process problems), PackML (standardised look and feel of machines) or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) allows for rapid development and deployment of some of the industries most common challenges. 

In-Built Agnostic HMI/SCADA Software Capabilities

Creating an integrated development ecosystem with AVEVA Edge is easy. With the in-built HMI/SCADA capabilities, you can access and integrate the system over industrial computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and the cloud.

Edge Management Portal

With the AVEVA Connect Edge Management portal, you can enable remote deployment of your AVEVA Edge applications from the cloud. Provision software and manage your remote devices at the edge, simplifying hybrid architectures to include IIoT.

A Vast Amount of Native Communication Protocols

With over 250 native drivers, communication between HMI/SCADA and PLCs is incredibly easy. AVEVA Edge includes a toolkit API to create your own standards or you can work using SNMP or MQTT - it’s up to you. 

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