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AVEVA InTouch (formerly Wonderware)

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Empower every aspect of your operational management with this award-winning Human Machine Interface (HMI). AVEVA InTouch HMI is used in over 100,000 facilities across the globe, who all gain from its agility, real-time reporting, and top-quality user experience. 

AVEVA InTouch HMI helps to drive operational excellence and increased productivity through the creation of helpful, meaningful, and iterative content. Every industrial automation needs human interaction to maintain efficiency and AVEVA InTouch HMI ensures those interactions are optimised.

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What Features Does It Include?

Dynamic Virtualisation Technologies

AVEVA InTouch HMI supports the latest VMWare and Hyper-V technologies so you can utilise the many benefits that these have to offer. Enhanced security and centralisation to name but a few.

In-Built Symbol Library

InTouch hosts a vast out-of-the-box, comprehensive library of graphics and symbols. Operators can easily develop custom graphics for real-time operational processes, lowering the associated engineering costs.

A Flexible, Extensible HMI

Operators can enjoy a high level of flexibility and extensibility offered by AVEVA InTouch HMI, with its scripting and Industrial Graphics capabilities. With InTouch, you can use .Net Controls, forms, scripting and even legacy ActiveX controls due to the softwares unique migration abilities.

Remote Access Capabilities

Remote web HMI and mobile SCADA operators are empowered with access to InTouch Industrial Graphics, process status monitoring, operational dashboards and KPIs. The AVEVA InTouch HMI is completely mobile-friendly too without compromising on security. 

The Clarity of Integrated Data

InTouch is an innovative workspace, bringing together data that provides clarity and context to your operational processes. You’re able to focus on the content that offers the most value. This means less downtime, less disruption, more safety and better performance.

The World’s #1 HMI

AVEVA InTouch HMI, formerly Wonderware powers more than 100,000 plants and factories around the world

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Visualise, Control and Optimise Your Operations

Let AVEVA InTouch HMI take you beyond simplistic graphics to create meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings.

Unique situational awareness libraries provide operators the contextualised information they need to address abnormal situations quickly and accurately — before they impact operations.

Increase operator effectiveness by improving operator interpretation time by up to 40%.

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