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AVEVA MES (Manufacturing Execution System)


Put the power of automation at your fingertips.

Optimise your production process with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System

Maximise quality, compliance, and efficiency of your manufacturing systems with an MES from AVEVA.

Implement our MES to streamline your production process, analyse utilisation in real-time and increase throughput while reducing waste and improving quality.

A model-driven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) approach can help you standardise operational processes for quicker gains in productivity, quality and cost savings.

MES Benefits

Do you need MES if you already have an ERP?

Discover why ERP and MES are a match made in heaven.

Optimise your production & safeguard your business

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Transform Your Manufacturing Operations

Our AVEVA MES solution is designed to work with automated systems, elevating human processes and making them more efficient. Synchronise your workflow management, so you can keep your entire operation under control.

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More Accurate, More Efficient, More Productive

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) increases efficiency across the whole plant and manufacturing process while reducing risk and compliance costs. The accurate, real-time information gives operators and management the tools they need to streamline order flow and production

Operations Management
Digital Quality Operations Management, Simplified

You can now manage equipment, processes and people while making production quality improvements at the same time. Execute quality sample plans with manual and automated data collection using work order execution events. Integrations with workflow management software will speed up the process and reduce the time to action. 

Operate at Peak Performance

Real-time visibility offered by AVEVA’s MES helps you to identify problem areas and use vital Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) KPI monitoring to reach your full potential. Free your line operators from manual data collection and give them the resources they need to increase performance. 

Enterprise Integrations - Your supply chain, simplified.

Take advantage of real-time decision-support across your entire supply chain. Integrate MES, ERP or other business systems with supply chain visibility to maintain agility and efficiency.



Work Order Management Demonstration

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