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Manufacturing Operations Transformation - by SolutionsPT

Improved operational performance, optimal regulatory compliance, transparency across your supply chain and increased plant-to-enterprise interoperability.
Using MES to maximise the profitability, flexibility, quality and compliance of your manufacturing process.

01 Improving Operational Effectiveness

By aligning equipment and activities with human talent, your plant can experience improved gains in quality, productivity and compliance. MES guarantees the ability to:

  • Improve operational efficiency through a more visible manufacturing process.
  • Create an inherently streamlined flow of orders and productions.
  • Analyse and evaluate yield, quality and the utilisation of plant resources.

It’s the right choice of system for multi-site operations, as an MES works to increase transparency across production and order fulfilment. Through an MES implementation, you’ll enjoy increased customer satisfaction alongside better response times.

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02 Digital Transformation of Operations

Capture improved operational excellence through MES implementation.

Inventory and Production Management

The digital transformation provided by MES means you can capture the granular-level detail within production and inventory. MES allows you to:

  • Closely manage work order execution.
  • Document manufacturing execution data and the flow of material in real-time.
  • Build products more accurately within the specifications. 

With this type of transformation, you’ll find the interconnected levels of your plant to be much more flexible, as you’re keeping closer track of each set stage of production. With real-time data at your fingertips, all operators will be empowered to accurately and flexibly adapt order flow and production execution based on internal or external changes. 

Similarly, managers will gain from increased visibility over the entire production lifecycle, with capabilities introduced that include evaluating yield and resource utilisation.

Integration Throughout Enterprise

In manufacturing, supply chain efficiency and optimised information flow are crucial to any successful operation. By integrating MES, alongside systems such as ERP and others, you’ll gain real-time decision support.

MES provides data exchange between plant and business-level applications automatically, securing continuity of comms through store forward buffering and message history. In some cases, the business-level and the plant-level aren’t aligned, causing miscommunication and misinformation. Through MES, this becomes a thing of the disconnected past.

Performance Management

In any situation, equipment needs to be performing at the peak of its capabilities. When this occurs, costs are cut and the margin for error is greatly reduced. With MES, monitor your KPIs in line with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in real-time. The data you can capture in regards to performance is incredibly granular, aiding in calculating OEE KPIs and offering increasingly dynamic adjustments for any performance targets you may have in place. 

Through MES, you can track work order execution to help categorise unplanned downtime, idle time and product changeover (as well as planned events). Not only that, but automatically capturing performance data also provides operators with new freedom away from time-consuming manual data capture. All of this data is actionable, timely and accurate, coming straight from the source and allowing increased operational performance.

 Quality Management

Management is at the forefront of MES, providing:

  • Complete functionality within sample plans for manual and automated data collection.
  • Sample plan alignment with work order execution events.
  • Integration with plant automation systems.
  • SPC visualisation for fast-moving manufacturing.
  • Reduced time to action through automated data collection.

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03 Unlocking Manufacturing Potential

Without digital transformation, manufacturing industries are at risk of being left in the past. With transformation comes improved profitability and productivity. Digital transformation is a way of creating an environment where aligning processes is natural and quality, safety and compliance flourish. 

MES provides systemic collaboration capabilities, escaping the physical borders of a manufacturing site, spanning multiple locations. With workflows, graphical modelling, real-time data capture and standardisation, new digital processes are sustainable and, more importantly, reusable. It’s a way of capturing best practices proactively, sharing them with the whole enterprise.

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04 Contact Us for More Information

MES is a crucial addition to any modern manufacturing business. Through integration, empowerment and digital transformation, you’ll be capable of enhancing your business-critical operations.

If you’d like more information on what MES is and what we can provide for you, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists here at SolutionsPT. With over 30 years of experience, we can answer any of your questions, providing you with even more key insights on digital transformation within manufacturing.

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