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Applied Cyber Security For OT Engineers


Design, Deliver, Defend

Course Description

This training course focuses on common OT security frameworks and unpacks how you apply security practically. By addressing foundational requirements, it is possible to deliver a robust deployment that will not only stand the test of time but deliver security that is embedded into the design.

You will gain an understanding of security requirements and how to translate these into scalable reference designs. With a focus on technical applications of security, you will learn what it takes to implement a defence in depth approach. 

... It's time to think about security differently.

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NCSC Assured Training

NCSC assured training requires the content of the training, the full delivery of the training and the QMS for the training to be approved.

Applied Cyber Security For OT Engineers has been approved by APMG using the NCSC certified training scheme criteria for content.

The courseware used on this training has been approved by APMG in accordance with the NCSC criteria for course content. This does not imply that the courseware is NCSC certified.

The course is classified as an application level course and is listed on the NCSC website as assured training

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Robotic Automation

Security is often sacrificed for interoperability with legacy systems and default security is often inadequate, so we will show you some easy fixes without the need for 3rd party solutions.

Networks are the life blood of any OT system; you will learn configurations to improve overall security maturity, especially when these are embedded into a design.

Whether a brown or green field site, security can often be improved ... once you know how.

Our approach is to provide you with a 'how to' toolkit, we will then explore these techniques practically within the labs. 


Looking through the lens of a penetration tester, we will give you the inside view on how hackers can expose information. You will get an opportunity to practice using open-source tools to search for known vulnerabilities.

What sets this learning experience apart is practical application. We offer a unique opportunity to build your own secure by design system in our lab. This will ensure you leave with a solid understanding of how to put your learning into practice.

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5 Day Course
£3000 / €3600
Configure Reports
Classroom Based
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GCT OT Cyber
Industry Certification & Digital Accreditation


NCSC Assured Training
NCSC Assured Training Course


APMG Assured Training Course


Available Dates

18th - 22nd September


16th - 20th October


20th - 24th November


15th - 19th January 2024


29th January - 3rd February 2024


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Course Outline

A unique, specialised and blended learning approach, this course has been written by IT/OT cyber security professionals for OT Engineers. You will benefit from years of experience in securing CNI, penetration testing, security audits, readiness assessments and project delivery. 

It's fast paced; collect the nuggets of wisdom as we go! 

Who Should Attend?

Designed to meet the needs and experience level of Automation Engineers responsible for managing today’s connected IT/OT world. The course also provides a good platform for aspiring OT security professionals.


A basic understanding of IT/OT governance, industrial networking, foundational knowledge in Microsoft Windows operating system(s) and awareness of Linux.

Labs are structured to allow those who are self sufficient to proceed at their own pace with optional modules. 

Course Agenda

SolutionsPT has a flexible approach to training. This course can be delivered at our offices in Cheadle or, if required, on-site at your premises.

Day 1

Learning Outcome: Understand governance, standards and how this can influence system designs

  • IEC 62443 overview with practical application
  • MITRE ATT & CK Framework
  • NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)
  • Secure by design concepts
  • Reference Architectures
  • Zones and Conduits

Day 2

Learning Outcome: Securing the network and mitigating threats

  • Network fundamentals
  • Securing the network
  • Risks with 'out of the box' configurations
  • Network Protocols
  • Exploiting common OT Protocols
  • Firewalls and edge devices
  • Network hardware exploits

Day 3

Learning Outcome: Spotlight into penetration testing. Explore how default/weak configuration across the network and operating system can put your deployments  at risk and how to remediate

  • Introduction to Penetration testing
  • Explore weakness in Networking and how to exploit
  • Explore weakness in default windows / non patched and how to exploit
  • Weak passwords
  • SNMP risks
  • SMB risks
  • Port scanning and enumeration
  • Using penetration testing tools for system validation

Day 4

Learning Outcome: Using built in tools, toolkits and configuration to make Microsoft Windows more secure

  • Active Directory SCADA – using Group Policy to manage and secure systems
  • Standalone SCADA - Windows Workgroup security
  • Application Whitelisting
  • USB protection
  • Patch management
  • Moving data between low and high security zones
  • Firewalls / Data Diodes / Content Deconstruction, Disarm, Reconstruction and Transposition
  • Windows Device hardening

Day 5

Learning Outcome: Practical application of learning throughout the course. Build a small network, securing devices along the way, applying defined security standards and modifying to meet project / business requirements.

  • Debloat Windows and reduce attack surface
  • Apply defined security baseline(s)
  • Review Configuration with security and automation tool(s)
  • Security assessment and baseline validation before entering into a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) cycle
  • OT Network monitoring
  • OT End point Security using AI
  • OT Secure Remote Access

Examination and Industry Recognised Certification

Our certification which is delivered by APMG will ensure that delegates have gained an understanding of the common standards used in the OT environment and how to apply the standards to develop priorities and roadmaps in their cyber journey. Delegates have developed their knowledge of Ethernet networking and how to protect against common attacks, Pen testing and how routes are identified and applied to common breeches. Utilising their practical application of best practice architecture to increase the cyber resilience and impact on their own network.

For customers show have already undertaken this training before the course was certified by the NCSC, there will be a simple defined pathway into taking the examination to gain this industrial certification which will be available by this professional training.  

Training Resources

  • Live delivery by IT/OT cyber security professionals
  • Interactive skills workshops throughout
  • Detailed Lab guides with note taking 
  • Virtual Lab environments to apply new skills with direct access to our experts to embed your learning
  • Resource pack with links to tools, articles, best practice guides, standards, application and more
  • Complementary leading Industrial Cyber Security book to take away
  • These 5 days are your days, ask our trainers / consultants real world issues!

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