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Salvador Technologies

Reduce downtime in critical infrastructures from days and weeks to minutes for complete and instant recovery! 

Security Failover Technology 

Redefining the Very Essence of ICS & OT Resilience  

Introducing a pioneering security technology that bypasses the regular cyber-attack recovery protocols of downtime and forensics and regains operations within an astonishing 30-second timeframe. Our business continuity services ensure the fastest and complete recovery of critical workstations and servers worldwide.

​Salvador Technologies provides pioneer failover technology, enabling seamless continuity in ICS & OT systems. Our enterprise-level platform reduced downtime to only 30 seconds and is activated by a single click. Designed for critical infrastructures, it ensures the operational continuity of SCADA systems through a patented technology of air-gap protection.



Reduce downtime in critical infrastructures from days and weeks to minutes for complete and instant recovery! 

The solution includes a Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU), including 3 NVMe disks that perform backups of the entire disk:

OS, Licensing, configurations, and data files.

The CRU is connected to an end-point, with only one NVMe disk connected at any given moment. The other 2 disks are securely isolated from any external connection. Once attacked, use a one-click activation to a fully automated recovery process.

  • 512GB - 4TB optional
  • On-prem air-gapped technology
  • Easily activated. No IT knowledge is needed
  • Reduce risk for attack by safe and easy patching
  • Honey pots for malware detection
Networking Environment

Why Salvador Technologies?

Our solution enhances cyber resilience and ensures operational continuity. 

By helping to apply corporate risk policies, it enables verifying compliance through RTO requirements and gives you full visibility of backup status per end-point.
  • Restoration tests and easily retrievable data
  • Enterprise policy compliance


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Salvador recovery unit

Cyber Recovery Unit

For workstations, our Cyber Recovery Unit solution consists of:

1. A Hardware unit to store the data and protect it from any corruption.
2. A Software Agent to perform dedicated data copy and anomaly inspection.
3. A Centralised Monitoring System to inform the user and display the status of each station.

 In order to ensure operational continuity, the product should be installed in advance (before an attack happens). If possible, we advise, performing the first installation (Factory Reset version) on a clean operational environment – after the computer is fully configured and contains no viruses (i.e., before internet connected). We suggest installing on the most critical workstations in the organisation – thus, that requires continuous operation and fast recovery.

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Salvador Network Recovery

Network Recovery Station

we adopt a leading egress/ingress  traffic analysis technology to address coverage of backup and recovery while improving RTO and business continuity.

• Single Installation for the Customer
• Instant recovery of multiple servers / microservices
• Offline protection of the data
• Early detection of ransomware attacks
• Implementation in isolated environment
• Centralised solution for a large-scale networks
• Protected runtime environment using NVIDIA Bluefield2 DPU
• Dramatically reducing systems RTO (recovery time objective)
• Automated recovery using PXE protocol
• Air-gapped protection of backup data
• Autonomous response to attack
• Continuous monitoring of the backup data, early detection of attack
• Up to 200GB/s NVMe-oF

Monitoring system

Monitoring system

The module allows complete visibility of the status of every installed product. As a standard used in Salvador Technologies’ cloud, easily accessible on web browser so no need for additional software installation.

Solution can be monitored  with on-premise deployment or accessed tough SAAS offering.


The Air-Gap Technology Patented Innovation

At any given moment, only one of the backup disks is accessible to the computer receiving electrical voltage; the other 2 disks are in a full air-gapped mode, hence isolated from any external or internal control.

During the initial installation, the first backup copy will be transferred to the NVMe-Factory Reset disk. Once the backup is finished, this disk will be in a permanent air-gapped state, the factory reset/baseline version of the system. This baseline is an operational state of the computer - fully configured and includes the OS, configurations, licenses, etc. - the only difference is how old the data, is to ensure there is no sleeper malware inside.

The NVMe-Current and NVMe-Previous disks will be constantly updated by the software agent according to the selected frequency.

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30 seconds

Things You Can Do In 30 Seconds...

✅ Put a song on
✅ Check your email
✅ Write a grocery list
✅ Learn one new word in the dictionary
✅ Recycle your water bottle
✅ Rinse a dish
✅ Have a glass of water

✅ Recover your failed SCADA system


Smart Solutions for the ICS & OT industry

Our OT expertise spans across sectors and our solutions comply with the needs and nuances in many industries.

This includes critical infrastructures, energy, building management, chemicals, and any non-stop production industry. We understand that recovery time is highly critical for our customers and their business continuity.

A simple  solution that ensures operational continuity.

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