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The Leader of OT Zero Trust

Never trust, always verify. TXOne safeguards your operation with OT-native solutions, protecting assets for their entire life cycle.


TXOne Networks offers OT-native all-terrain cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of ICS environments through the OT zero trust methodology. We work together with industry and critical infrastructure leaders to create practical approaches to cyber defense that eliminate the security weaknesses prevalent in industrial environments.




By Omdia: Secure Industrial OT and IIOT Cybersecurity Networks

To better understand how OT and IT teams view and approach cybersecurity, and explore the challenges, pain points, and vendor preferences that industrial firms face, Omdia, in partnership with TXOne Networks, undertook the Secure Industrial OT and IIoT Cybersecurity Networks Survey (2023).


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From Audit to Assurance



Pixelle's OT Security Triumph with TXOne Security Inspection.

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We are grateful for the acknowledgment of the advantages that TXOne Networks' OT security solutions provide to our customers


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