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IFS Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software  

Improve Maintenance, Safety and Team Collaboration

True Flexibility and Collaboration with IFS Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software 

IFS Ultimo is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution that is focused on maintenance and safety. It is known for its rapid deployment, ease of use, and seamless integrations.

Optimise Asset Performance with Proactive EAM Software

When you're planning to streamline your asset performance, it's vital to address the use of Advanced Analytics, AI and machine learning capabilities to optimise maintenance activities.

IFS Ultimo is the leading solution to improve planned maintenance scheduling and safety outcomes

IFS Ultimo is a SaaS Enterprise Asset Management solution focused on maintenance and safety. 

It boasts an unparalleled time to value and has been chosen by over 2,200 companies worldwide to optimise their asset management.

Cross-team collaboration works like a dream with IFS Ultimo bridging the gap between Maintenance, Operations, HSE, IT and Finance departments.

The go to solution for ease of use, rapid delivery and seamless integrations. 

2 options available: 

  • IFS Ultimo Premium and Enterprise
  • IFS Ultimo Professional


Cross Team Collaboration

The leading out of the box SAAS solution to ease collaboration between Maintenance, Operations, HSE, IT and Finance departments.

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IFS Ultimo Premium and Enterprise

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IFS Ultimo Professional

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What is EAM? IFS Ultimo is EAM

IFS Ultimo is a cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tool that is mainly used for maintenance and safety purposes. It is known for its speedy implementation, user-friendly interface, and flawless integrations. This solution allows organisations in asset-intensive industries to enhance their collaboration between different departments, improve efficiency, maximise asset availability, manage costs, promote sustainability, and maintain safety. IFS Ultimo is currently being used by more than 2200 companies worldwide to tackle issues such as unexpected downtime, variable expenses, lack of insight into asset health, inefficient communication between maintenance, production, and safety teams, and suboptimal decisions.  

It is a more affordable option than other EAM software that has poor user acceptance and take along time to implement.  Moreover, it provides additional features such as integrated Power Bi dashboards and modules such as Work Permits, Incident Management, Management of Change, IT-service management, along with standardised links to other business applications.

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