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Modernise and Upgrade

Leading the way with AVEVA in Modernising Industry

It's never been more important to put people first and arm them with the latest information, innovations and context for navigating the road ahead.

The need for clear insights and analytics that provide a holistic view of industrial supply chains is vital as we help our customers recalibrate their operations in volatile times amid great market uncertainty.

AVEVA has a proud heritage as pioneers in industrial innovation with world class SCADA and HMI software solutions from Wonderware, Citect, Telvent and InduSoft, and a history spanning the decades focused on harnessing technology to help our customers solve complex automation challenges and respond to evolving market conditions to realise efficiency ambitions.

Together we continue to redefine the industrial arena and customer value with the broadest and deepest monitoring and control software portfolio.

From IIoT architectures to cloud-driven remote edge management, our integrated Edge to Enterprise solutions help foster a more connected and efficient operation, which is more crucial than ever as we all work together to traverse the current industrial landscape.

AVEVA 2020 R2 is now here

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Why Upgrade Your Software?

Traditional rationale for industrial modernisation including mitigating cybersecurity risks, adhering to evolving compliance measures, changes in capabilities and navigating a changing workforce demography remain more crucial than ever. However it has never been more important to focus on the people at the heart of operations and work together to plot the most effective and efficient path forward.

Digital Transformation investment expected to grow beyond $7.1 Billion in coming years

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2020 Predictions


Improve Performance and ROI

Delaying an upgrade may cost you, as the latest versions of software address performance-degrading issues. Keeping your software current also avoids significant capital expenditures


Increase Efficiency with New Functionality

We strategically invest and develop new capabilities into our software to meet ever-changing IT infrastructure and business demands, thereby preserving your prior engineering efforts and allowing a seamless transition from one software version to the next


Protect and Maintain Your Operations

Your Business depends and AVEVA software. Avoid downtime and process interruption with the latest proven software and security


Empower Your Users

With a current release, you can drive increased business value and be confident integrating advanced technologies such as IIoT, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning and "Digital Everything"

Why Subscription

Get complete flexibility in purchasing, accessing and deploying our industrial software portfolio with the AVEVA™ Flex Subscription Program. Removing the traditional barriers to software adoption, you are empowered to leverage leading technologies and respond to evolving market demands quicker. Helping align investments with value, enhance business agility and accelerate transformation and growth.

Commercial Flexibility

• Lower initial cost
• Reallocate costs from CapEx to OpEx
• Leaner balance sheet
• Better cash flow

Universal Tech
Technical Flexibility

• Access to software on-prem and in the cloud
• Benefit from latest technologies
• “Sized to fit,” scalable
• Easy management of entitlements

Architectural Flexibility

• Cloud and on-premise
• Superior integration capabilities
• Unlimited Supervisory Server
• Adapt throughout project lifecycle

Support Flexibility

• Range of support options
• Version Upgrades included
• Exclusive training and onsite monitoring services
• Customer Success Managers

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Accelerate Your Modernisation Journey

Inspire what’s next in your digital transformation by empowering your operators and connecting your workforce with the insight and autonomy to adapt to evolving market conditions and optimize a secure progression path in our ever changing industrial landscape.

Realise the flexibility of leveraging emerging technologies to help garner a more secure future with a shared commitment to innovation to plan, customize and accelerate the modernization journey that’s right for you.

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