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Edge Computing just got easier and more secure


Stratus ZTC Edge | Edge Computing

What is Edge Computing?

Explore the possibilities of Industry 4.0, which will help you to gain new insight, operate more efficiently and safely, and achieve operational excellence.

Edge computing solves the inherent problems that come with IoT for industries. By locating data acquisition locally and processing as close as possible to the device, it minimizes bandwidth, latency, and security risks.

ztC Edge is a Zero-Touch, Secure and Highly Automated Edge Computing Platform.

Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features always allow for continuous availability, drastically reducing unplanned downtime and ensuring the continuity of business-critical applications.

Automate your operations with ztC Edge

The ztC Edge helps companies increase operator efficiency, reduce technical staff dependence, and minimize downtime risk.

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Edge Deployment Made Simple


Edge computing that is easy-to-install, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-manage solution across applications and existing infrastructure. It also scales to new areas of operation to make your work easier.


Always On, Always Secure

With Stratus ZTC, you can mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risk by ensuring that your data is always available and secured from cyber threats.


Automate Your Infrastructure

Stratus ztC Edge is a reliable, rugged, proven zero-touch edge computing solution that will run in any environment without human monitoring, maintenance, repairs, or support.



Stratus ztC Edge Technical Specifications

Systems may be wall or DIN rail mounted, and offer a fan-less, solid state design. 

The ztC Edge 250i is a more powerful system to support larger software workloads that require more storage, processing power, and fault tolerance.

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Operating Temperature
Shock and vibration
Input Power
Availability support
Host OS support
Guest OS support
ztC-Edge-200-Front Face Flat
ztC Edge 200i
Intel Xeon W-1250TE,
2.4 GHz, 12 MB cache, 6 HT cores
32 GB DDR4
2666 Mhz (ECC)
2 x 1 GbE (for a-links)
4 x 1 GbE (for networks)
-20 to 60 °C
(–4 to 140 °F)
95% @ 40 °C (non-condensing)
20G, 11 ms
3 Grms @ 5 - 500 Hz
9V - 36V (DC)
9.1 x 7.6 x 3.0 in
7.2 lbs 
High availability 
CI D2, FCC, CE and others 
Stratus Redundant Linux
Windows and Linux
ztC-Edge-250-Front Face Flat-1
ztC Edge 250i
Intel Xeon W-1290TE,
1.8 GHz, 20 MB cache, 10 HT cores
64 GB DDR4
2666 Mhz (ECC)
2 x 10 GbE (for a-links)
6 x 1 GbE (for networks)
-20 to 60 °C
(–4 to 140 °F)
95% @ 40 °C (non-condensing)
10G, 11 ms
1.5 Grms @ 5 - 500 Hz
9V - 36V (DC)
9.1 x 7.6 x 5.0 in
10.2 lbs 
Fault tolerance & high availability 
CI D2, FCC, CE and others 
Stratus Redundant Linux
Windows and Linux
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