Operations Management

With operations management solutions you can benefit from a reduction in costs, a simplified enterprise integration and get the absolute most from your assets. Drive peak performance and meet operations KPIs with timely, accurate and relevant data.

With the industry-leading software portfolio by AVEVA, from AVEVA System Platform (formerly Wonderware), to AVEVA Edge, AVEVA InTouch HMI (formerly Wonderware) and AVEVA Plant SCADA (formerly Citect), you’ll have the right information at your fingertips and  more efficient operations.

Implement the right batch management software and you can increase production and overall operational efficiency. The software effectively manages batch operations usually found in process industries. It’s needed because it offers insight into recipe management and batch execution while coordinating with essential plant control systems and interfaces. 

Batch Management Benefits

AVEVA Batch Management offers automatic capture and storage of all execution data. Empower your process engineers to quickly, accurately and safely modify recipes without needing any expertise with the relevant control system. 

A Single Database

Multiple servers can operate via a single history database. AVEVA Batch Management feature facilitates the deployment of solution architectures to meet the needs of critical batch applications. 

Flexible Product Paths

The unique process capability model offered enhances batch management capabilities. The batch engine manages flexible product paths, allowing for simultaneous multi-product batch deployments. 

Control System Neutral

The control-system-neutral software provides real-time communication to any plant device via integrated servers. When used with AVEVA System Platforms, it delivers maximum potential and flexibility. 

Full Compliance

AVEVA Batch Management  complies with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11. The built-in security and material management functionalities provide a detailed audit trail, ensuring you’ll always comply with necessary regulatory requirements.

Maximise quality and compliance for your manufacturing operations with an MES from AVEVA. Implement an MES and streamline production execution while analysing utilisation in real-time. You can increase throughput, reduce waste and improve overall quality with an MES. 

Transform Your Operations With Our MES

The AVEVA MES solution allows for unique execution and data collection on automated plant equipment. Elevate human processes with effective workflow management while synchronising these with software. 

Boost Efficiency and Flexibility

The MES increases plant efficiency while reducing costs associated with risk and compliance. The accurate, real-time information gives operators the tools they need to streamline order flow and overall production. 

Digital Quality Operations Management

Manage equipment, processes and people while simultaneously improving production quality. Execute quality sample plans for both automated and manual data collection with work order execution events. Integrations with workflow management software speed up the process and reduce the time to action. 

Operate at Peak Performance

Real-time visibility offered by AVEVA’s MES helps you to identify problem areas and use vital Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) KPI monitoring to reach your full potential. Free your line operators from manual data collection and give them the resources they need to increase performance. 

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate MES, ERP or other business systems with supply chain visibility to take advantage of real-time decision support. Achieve increased efficiency across the entire supply chain and ensure you remain agile thanks to an optimised flow of key information across teams. 

Don’t let recipe volume overwhelm you. AVEVA’s recipe management software includes simplified recipe optimisations, deployment, adaptation and execution. This leads to a reduction in product changeover time, allowing you to streamline and standardise new product information processes quickly. 

Digital Recipe Management From AVEVA

Automate equipment setup and recipe execution to increase agility. Use AVEVA’s tool to reduce recipe management without compromising on quality. 

Formula Management

Operators can assign a formula by selecting from an available list. Then, they can review the target values that are assigned to that recipe and adjust them within previously agreed upon limits. Finally, they download the formula they’ve created to the connected automation system. 

Recipe Execution

Add the ability to create procedures defining the order of equipment execution. Operators can assign a recipe to the relevant equipment and start, adjust and control its execution. Again, they can adjust the recipe as required. 

Access Historical Information

The digital recipe management tool from AVEVA gives users all of the historical information they need about previous formulas and recipes. It’s easy to access different versions and configure change increments to create the required recipe. 

Simple Integrations

The software integrates easily with AVEVA System Platform and other control systems via the OPC UA Data Access specification. Once integrated, the Recipe Management user interface can be accessed via browser, desktop, HMI or mobile device. 

Looking to drive higher levels of productivity and collaboration? AVEVA workflow management involves consistent automated workflows which contain detailed execution records. This allows you to accurately orchestrate processes across domains quickly, effectively and compliantly. 

Why You Need AVEVA Workflow Management

Digital workflow management can transform different aspects of your business, improving everything from standard procedures to the critical operating conditions. 

Automated Workflows

Eliminate inaccurate and time-consuming paperwork and make the switch to automated workflows. Perfect for both simple and complex tasks, the notifications and easy-to-use data entry forms included within AVEVA’s solution speed up vital decision-making. 

Connectivity Across the Plant

Because the workflows are available on mobile devices, your staff can access everything they need wherever they are. Plus, accompanying connectors allow you to flexibly integrate your enterprise. Integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Office or respond to events from databases like Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Configurable Forms

AVEVA’s Workflow Forms Designer allows you to create complex layouts with smart controls. The easy-to-use interface makes the process simple and straightforward, enabling you to configure and sustain custom forms as necessary. 

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

The integrated reporting and monitoring tools let you build customisable KPIs, review performance, associate workflows with BAM events and instantly receive alerts of changing KPIs.

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