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Industrial Networking Catalogue


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Eagle 40

Firewalls & Security

The EAGLE40 Next-Gen Firewall offers optimal cybersecurity for industrial and process automation systems by hardening networks at the factory-floor level. With multiport configuration, the versatile and ruggedized EAGLE40 is specifically designed to support maximum data throughput without compromising on performance or uptime. Combined with ongoing software enhancements, this firewall is an economically sound solution for reliable protection against the evolving cyber landscape.

Key Features
  • Heightened Performance: More port options, increased bandwidth and encryption capabilities
  • Streamlined Configuration: User-friendly interface, Firewall Learning Mode and Deep-Packet-Inspection (DPI) modules
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring: Convection-cooled metal housing; 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports support up to 1 Gb/s SPI firewall throughput
  • Dependable Uptime: IPsec VPN for secure data encryption and dynamic-routing support with OSPF and VRRP router redundancy
  • Maximum Security: HiSecOS with SPI and DPI capabilities for versatility, cost efficiency and safeguards against zero-day exploits