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With industrial network training, operators can discover the best practices for their complex operational networks.

Our Training Courses

As industrial networks move from proprietary networks to IP-based networks, those responsible for developing and maintaining these networks are faced with the considerable challenge of managing the underlying complexity and scope of technologies that were developed for the IT world.

Our three-day industrial network training course, delivered By Cisco CCNA certified instructors with industrial networking experience, guides delegates through the basics of industrial networking, network switching and network security.

Course Overview

Our training course uses the Wiley Cisco CCENT Study Guide, together with associated presentation materials. The course provides a practical understanding of industrial networking, using training rigs comprising of:

  • Layer 3 and Layer 2 devices.
  • Access switches in a ring network.
  • Industrial firewalls.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to meet the needs and experience level of Automation Engineers responsible for managing today’s Ethernet-based industrial networks.

The course also provides a good platform for those wishing to continue their training to become Cisco-certified and/or Hirschmann-certified.



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