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Stratus and AVEVA

Together, we deliver solutions that make the journey towards digitalisation seamless for end-users

The AVEVA software that operates your manufacturing plants and facilities is only as good as the platform it runs on. Whether you’re running a machine or piece of equipment, managing a production line or a plant, monitoring multiple locations from a control room, providing KPIs to a command center, or sending data to the Cloud or Enterprise, Stratus is the partner of choice for zero-touch Edge computing because we provide platforms that protect and enhance your AVEVA software.

  • Does it run your critical production lines where the stakes are high, and the cost of downtime is astronomical?
  • Is it embedded into machines your customers use in mission critical processes?
  • Does it collect thousands of datapoints using communication drivers, stored into historians, and utilized in applications that manage MES, performance and OEE?
  • Is it installed in Unified Operations Centers providing KPIs in System of System applications that your management team uses to make key financial and business decisions?

If any of these apply to your AVEVA software solutions, Stratus can help you simplify, protect and automate your digitally transforming business-critical operations.

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Built on a 10-year Strategic Relationship

For more than ten years, Stratus and AVEVA have offered the perfect combination of hardware and software platforms for customers going through digital transformation journeys. Stratus platforms have supported approximately 500 deployments of AVEVA software in the past 5 years.

Today, the two companies are working together to bring AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise initiative and the benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), to its customers worldwide.

Together, Stratus enables AVEVA to create solutions that:

  • Eliminate process silos by making common information available and leveraging processes,

  • Digitalize and automate work processes for greater efficiency and quality,
  • Provide insight, analysis and decision support to enable the right actions for business outcomes,
  • Enable greater visibility into every aspect of operations and asset management.

The Stratus ztC Edge running AVEVA Edge is a reliable component of Edge-to-Enterprise Solutions. Download the Stratus-AVEVA solution brief and find out.

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Where are you in your AVEVA Edge to Enterprise journey?

The AVEVA Edge to Enterprise approach creates a single line of sight, monitoring and control strategy that integrates individual silos in manufacturing plants and facilities – which were previously inaccessible or separated from each other – and connects them to the Enterprise.

This includes combining solutions on the Edge (that is, control systems located near or at the asset location or line area) to the processes of the entire plant. In some cases, this involves the integration of multiple plant locations, or multi-sites, overseeing from a central command center, Universal Operations Center (UOC), or cloud facility for visualization and management of the enterprise.


A single version of the truth

Edge to Enterprise solutions provide an “at-a-glance” understanding of information, which combines monitoring and control, and next-level real-time decision making, analytics, optimization, and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies. In addition, it helps validate and protect the information coming from multiple sources to create a “Single Version of the Truth”.

The beauty of Edge to Enterprise is that you don’t have to implement it all in one step. The scalability of both AVEVA software and Stratus Computing platforms make this possible.

Stratus Technologies provide the computing infrastructure to ensure that when AVEVA customers implement an Edge to Enterprise solution, it will operate and function without disruption, failure or unplanned downtime whether at the Edge, in the data center or elsewhere.



How is Stratus Technologies relevant to the AVEVA Cloud and SaaS Strategy?

Information is currency. It enables organizations to make correct business decisions. It makes them change or modify plans in anticipation of market or production changes. It provides insights on facts that were previously hidden. With the new AI solutions, it predicts what is going to happen in the future so you can perform anticipatory activities to minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

AVEVA Connect pulls in massive amounts of data coming from the monitoring, control and historian nodes that are installed in the multi-sites, individual plants, lines, equipment, machines, and assets on the Edge.

AVEVA Connect is its primary cloud solution. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that lets customers get a unified view across operational and information value cycles from the Edge to the Enterprise. It enables users to view critical operational information, and at the same time, share the data with the rest of the organization, trusted partners and suppliers. Anytime and anywhere, users see the same information, and this makes collaboration easier.

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