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Industrial Cyber Security Made Simple

Thanks to all those who joined us to explore how to keep your industrial operation secure from cyber threats in a world of evolving threats. 
It was a pleasure to host you for the right advice, best solutions and correct understanding of how a robust cyber security framework can keep your OT environment secure. 

Cyber SecureOT Agenda


June 21

We don't take a one-size-fits all approach to cyber security.  We have a range of market-leading software and hardware partners assembled to discuss their approach to tackling your cyber-security challenges.

9.30 AM



Tony Mannion, Industrial Cyber Security Business Development Manager, SolutionsPT

9.45 AM

Keynote: Implementing an industrial cyber security framework to keep you ahead of the ever changing threat landscapes

Lee Carter, Industrial Cyber Security Product Manager, SolutionsPT

A planned, strategized approach with a sound framework in place is key to mitigate modern industrial cyber security risks. Do you have the right governance in place and how can the latest NIST framework help you on your journey?

10:15 AM

Keynote: An industrial cyber security journey, a customer experience

Alex Fold, OT Cyber Security Specialist, Britvic

Challenges faced, successes and a personal journey of discovery implementing a cyber security strategy.

10:45 AM

Plan B comes first – Disaster resilience and recovery

Chris Whitehead, Business Continuity Product Manager, SolutionsPT

Disaster resilience and recovery is often the last stage of implementing a cyber security strategy, but the OT environment is different as availability of systems like PLC’s and SCADA are key in any production environment. Find out why Plan B should be your first defence to make sure you can recover from incidents quickly.

11:35 AM


Work smarter to detect threats and manage risks in your Industrial network

Grant Bailey, Solutions Engineer, Claroty

Using learnings from Claroty's State of XIoT bi annual report, this session will discuss the current threat landscape and what strategies can be used to mitigate today's security and operational risks and challenges. The session will leverage real world examples as published by Team 82.

12:05 PM

Selecting the right end point protection (Anti Virus) for OT

Hugh Jones, Principal Channel Sales Engineer, BlackBerry

Discover how AI provides the right solution for end point protection in the OT environment. Be better prepared to handle cyber security incidents as they happen on the plant floor – enabling rapid response to minimise the risk of spreading to other parts of your network.

12:35 PM


Seven steps to security – creating a modern security stack for industrial networks

Dom Storey, Principal Security Architect OT, Tenable

Threats in industrial networks are wide ranging – targeted threats from external and internal actors, collateral damage from actions between third parties, to mistakes by tired operators. Protecting your assets is the name of the game, but to do this effectively your security layers should be able to leverage the most important source of data – your asset database.  This talk discusses seven key interlocked functions that deliver the best ‘bang for your buck’ in delivering comprehensive industrial security.    

13:05 PM


Lunch and Exhibition

14:35 PM

Technical Lab 1

Choose an expert led tech session. Click HERE for details 


15:35 PM


Technical Lab 2

Your choice of workshop style breakout session. Click HERE for details

16:20 PM


Conference conclusion


Meet the Speakers

lee carter-1

Lee Carter

Cyber Security Product Manager, SolutionsPT

With over 30 years’ experience in IT, over 15 years in security and more than 10 years in OT, Lee is CISSP, CSTM, CEH, MCITP and Microsoft certified. He is also a check team penetration tester and cyber plus assessor. He gets involved with all aspects of designs, security auditing, installations and remediation. Lee loves to mentor and share skills through experience and training.


Chris Whitehead

Business Continuity Product Manager, SolutionsPT

Chris originally worked with a number of large ISP’s, where he gained extensive experience with VMWare, networking, firewalls, resilience and availability. In his current role Chris works with customers to improve their layers of resilience and build robust business continuity strategies with a blend of technologies to ensure costly downtime is easily avoided.

Dominic Storey

Dominic Storey

Principal Security Architect OT, Tenable

Based in the UK, Dominic articulates Tenable’s industrial security technical strategy across Europe, Middle East & Africa and advises on the design of security architectures for them. He has 20+ years in the security business, and has a rare strength of being able to combine technical, sales and marketing facets together to articulate clearly his subject matter to an audience.


Grant Headshot

Grant Bailey

Solutions Engineer, Claroty

Grant has over 20 years of experience working with government organisations, critical national infrastructure, and large organisations on transformation programs. Those initiatives have included secure network segmentation, cloud adoption and migration to service based architectures and especially with helping organisations understand and mitigate existing risks and new risks that brings.

Hugh Jones Head Shot-1

Hugh Jones

Principal Channel Sales Engineer,Blackberry

With a wealth of experience in the technology sector, Hugh’s passion for technology started with maintaining the equipment on the farm where he grew up, later developing his skills as an SE for a global mainframe manufacturer where his interest in the technology sector really took hold. Hugh’s passion lies in getting people excited about the things he himself gets excited about.  

Tech labs

Protecting your process control network

Tenable.ot Operational Technology is our solution for managing threats and vulnerabilities in your process control network.  

Tenable.ot automates the discovery of assets, manages their security history, monitors their integrity and the threats against them.

Tenable.ot gives you deep context making your security monitoring decisions simpler and more reliable, helps you prioritise your cyber maintenance workstreams and minimises your cyber maintenance workloads.


Know your risks! From identification to mitigation

Claroty's xDome solution is the latest innovation from the market leader in OT security that allows you to visually understand the risks to your Cyber Physical Systems and helps you prioritise where to take action and improve your operational resilience.

Learn how to quantify the risks of your OT environment, analyse and simulate where and how to respond to have the quickest impact, then take the next steps through to eventual mitigation and remediation.

Establishing a self-defending manufacturing floor

To protect mission-critical production systems, manufacturers will benefit from a “self-defending”
manufacturing floor with proactive threat detection and response that doesn’t require constant manual
updates. The ideal self-defending manufacturing floor protects all OT, IoT, robotics, production, control,
and IT systems with a single, powerful security solution that is flexible to defend the vast range of current assets and scalable to easily support future technology investments.

Learn how BlackBerry sets out to address these unique cybersecurity risks and the associated challenges facing manufacturers

Cyber-Attack Recovery for ICS & OT - In 30 Seconds!

With cyber-attack rate increasing exponentially, Salvador Technologies sets a new standard in operational continuity and cyber-attack recovery: 
a complete recovery in 30 seconds for SCADA/HMI systems.
The patented air-gap technology is designed to enhance resilience and minimize downtime in converged ICS & OT systems.
Salvador Technologies offers Plug & Play on-prem solutions, through an entirely automated recovery process, enabling your operation a complete and instant recovery in a one-click action.
Optimal for meeting RTO requirements and enterprise policy compliance

Spend less time securing IT assets and get back to OT

OT owners and administrators adopting Industry 4.0, IIoT, and other transformational initiatives rapidly increase the threat vector for Denial of Service, Man-in-the-middle and Trust and password exploitation vulnerabilities. Thin client architectures can dramatically reduce cost of ownership while enhancing security and availability of information and production visualization.

Learn how ThinManager® secures your digital infrastructure by reducing the attack surface, centralising access control, and simplifying lifecycle support. 

PLC backup and version control

Octoplant might be a new name, but the technology is proven and robust. It offers an elegant and simple way to protect critical applications that are running on your PLC’s and SCADA systems.

Version control becomes effortless with Octoplant, with a host of tools and features to track every change made by everybody, all the time.

Octoplant ensures your applications are protected and available quickly should an incident occur, it can be recovered quickly, which will reduce costly downtime and helps to protect the bottom line.

Hardening your AVEVA System

In this session we will look at the best practises for securing your AVEVA SCADA and Historian system. 

You will learn how to set up your firewall ports for web clients so that you can securely deploy web browsers to access plant level information.

We will also show you how to effectively use Historian tiering to securely move process data from your OT to IT environment.

To Speak with Shadows Understand the Language of the Darkness to Protect Your Crown Jewels

The so-called “IT/OT Convergence” may be a misnomer. While the lines between Information Technology and Operational Technology are becoming increasingly blurry, the fact that these remain two distinct stakeholder communities may inadvertently increase the security risk within a supply chain.

Shared responsibility can lead to confusion and misunderstandings around the unintended consequences of software patches, device installation, data security, and governance.

Understanding the risks and drivers for IT and OT can be a valuable first step in better managing the common goal of a secure supply chain and uninterrupted operations.

IT level Security in an OT Environment

This annual one day conference gives an opportunity to learn how the world of cyber security is changing and how robust threat detection can simplify your security strategy.

We look at best in class solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the industrial enterprise to demonstrate a multi-layered defence approach to reduce risk and improve outcomes.

In addition to presentations from many of the leading names in OT cyber security, you get hands-on experience in our technical lab sessions.

2023 Venue details

Leicester Marriott Hotel

Grove Park, Smith Way, Leicester LE19 1SW

Off Junction 21 of the M1 motorway, this contemporary hotel is less than a mile from Fosse Shopping Park and 5 miles from Leicester city centre.

Free parking available.

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