Disaster Resilience and Business Continuity designed for control system environments

Always have a Plan B

Having a robust DR plan and backup technology should be a high priority for all organisations. The faster you can recover after an incident, the less of an impact this will have on your operation and profitability. Testing of your DR plan should be a regular process, with continual improvements made. Should a real incident then occur, the correct people know how to respond, and can limit the impact to operations.

There are two key metrics to review with any recovery solution, RPO and RTO. RPO is recovery point objective, and is essentially how frequently do you take backups to limit the amount of lost data should an incident occur. RTO is recovery time objective is the time taken to recover after an incident. The better the solution, the smaller both of these times will be.

Disaster Recovery as a Managed Service

Allow SolutionsPT to take care of the daily operations around backup and testing, allow you to focus on your own core activities. SolutionsPT become an extension of your support team.


Hybrid Cloud Technology

Increase the availability, and restorability of your critical systems, with having both data stored locally on-premise, and also replicated to a secure private UK Cloud to meet your RTO and RPO requirements. Even with a serious incident at your plant your data is still secure and accessible, giving you peace of mind in your ability to recover.


Resilient Networking

Networking is at the core of all operations, so ensuring you have a stable, healthy, safe and resilient network is essential. In an increasingly connected world, it is important to have a network that has not only sufficient speed and bandwidth capacity to meet your current requirements, but also the capacity to allow swift recovery from and isolation of any incident.

Proteus Disaster Recovery

Recovery from any downtime is swift and easy with Proteus disaster resilience. Spend your time where you’re needed most, safe in the knowledge that if anything happens, SolutionsPT have backed up your data and can perform a rapid restore, getting you back to business in no time.


Network Hardware

To support the proliferation of your mission critical networks, you’ll need access to high quality, highly available networking devices, cabling and connectivity systems.

We supply you with globally known brands, Belden, Hirschmann, Cisco and Tofino Security that are sure to meet your networking needs.


OT Cyber Security

Reduce risk and ensure compliance by seeing how we can help you deliver an efficient cyber security strategy

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