OT Cyber Security

Taking a ‘secure by design’ approach will deliver a long-term cyber security architecture that is inherently secure against threats.

As a leader in your business and as a responsible organisation you want to meet the needs of your stakeholders and this requires you to manage your Operational Technology cyber security risk. To do this you want to engage with a supplier that can provide as many of your cyber needs as possible, that is a pleasure to work with and who will give you the knowledge you need to do your job well.

SolutionsPT’s philosophy for Cyber Security is that we will provide a service that best suits the needs of our customers so they can suitably reduce their risk and ensure compliance.

Our approach follows the well established 5 principals of the Cyber Security Framework:

SolutionsPT - 5 Steps to OT Cyber Security

  • Identify your assets
  • Apply appropriate security measures based on risk
  • Make system difficult to compromise yet frictionless to operate
  • Understand compromise may happen so make detection easy
  • Have a plan B for recovery using Business Continuity Disaster Recovery, not just data backup

With over thirty years of Cyber Security experience, our fully certified cyber consultants are able to work with you across all of the recognised industry standards and regulations allowing you to measure progress and show a return on investment based on an increasing cyber maturity score. Having delivered many Cyber Security Solutions across many different industries they are able to work with our customer base to ensure that their cyber security strategy is the right one for their business.

By not only identifying your assets but also understanding their criticality and the business risks associated with them we are able to help you to develop a Cyber Security strategy that meets your immediate needs as well as providing a roadmap to maintain a secure environment going forward.

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OT Cyber Security

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