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Super, Secure Remote Access With Claroty

Safeguard your network from threats that are introduced by unmanaged and unmonitored remote access.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Acces (SRA) minimises the risks to remote users, including employees and third-party vendors, introduced to Operational Technology (OT) networks. It provides a single, manageable and clientless interface that all external users connect through. 

It’s completely segregated from the internal network, prior to performing software upgrades, periodic maintenance and other support activities on assets within industrial control system networks. SRA allows organisations to extend access to important assets – all without compromising security.

Secure and Segregate Remote Access

SRA acts as a security middleman between remote users and industrial devices. It enforces password management, authentication and access control policies for remote connections while monitoring and recording remote sessions.

Control Access

Eliminate direct interactions between remote users and network assets and enforce a single access pathway.

Reduce the OT Attack Surface

Consolidated tracking, approval, and auditing of remote access requests from a centralised location.

Streamline Application Usage

Define and enforce remote diagnostics and maintenance operations conducted via locally installed applications.

Proactively Prevent, Monitor, and Audit

SRA provides full visibility and control over third-party and employee access before, during and after a remote session takes place. Dedicated workflows enable administrators to capture, manage and authorise user access requests along with purpose, length and frequency data. With “over the shoulder” monitoring, administrators are able to observe user activity in real-time and terminate the session if and as needed.

Monitor Sessions

Monitor, review and validate stated versus actual remote session activity.

Management of Change (MoC)

Ensure system and process integrity by proactively tracking and alerting on changes within the environment.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Validate that remote access control policies are being consistently implemented – leveraging real-time or post-session video recordings.

Enforce Organisational Processes

Passwords, user accounts or credentials, are a common entry point for hackers when attempting to compromise a network. SRA eliminates the direct interaction between remote users and OT via a centralised management for all user credentials, keeping them safe from prying eyes and out of the hands of the wrong people.

Eliminate Shared Passwords

Remove the need to share passwords with multiple individuals or across third-party organisations.

Simplify substitutes

Reduce the overhead associated with managing temporary or permanent user passwords.

Increased Productivity

Implement a unified security governance model leveraging existing security resources across both IT and OT.

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