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Becoming an Endorsed System Integrator Partner


The Endorsed Level of System Integration is the highest level available for SI’s.

AVEVA recognises that its team of fully-vetted System Integrators are the key to delivering our technologies. Our Endorsed System Integrator Program comprehensively trains and certifies SIs in multiple levels, providing end-users with an objective quantitative means for measuring the skills of a solution provider.

Only SIs with proven technical excellence, customer service and integrity can participate in our Endorsed SI programs, and in return, we maintain strong relationships with them so that they are knowledgeable about upcoming product releases, support updates and other information critical to their success.

Becoming an Endorsed SI

Complete the following steps to be considered for this top-level, invitation-only recognition:

  • Earn Endorsed SI program sponsorship from SolutionsPT through mutual establishment of shared business goals.
  • Achieve CSIA certification or equivalent (such as ISO 9001)
  • Validate core and advanced AVEVA solutions, practices and certifications by company site
  • Establish and meet target business performance criteria
  • Execute Endorsed SI and Professional Services Agreements
  • Maintain AVEVA business cadence through participation in annual business planning, quarterly pipeline and performance reviews, annual
      audits and establishment of technical training plans
  • Form a unique network with Regional Sales Team and SolutionsPT in addition to support from a dedicated engagement manager


Endorsed SI Partners have access to the SolutionsPT System Integrator Portal
Enter the Portal