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Asset Management - by SolutionsPT

Asset Management software can enable organisations to monitor their assets to identify, diagnose and prioritise impending equipment problems — continuously and in real time. This enables companies to reduce unscheduled downtime, prevent equipment failures, reduce maintenance costs, increase asset utilisation, extend equipment life and identify under performing assets.

Shifting from reactive to proactive and predictive maintenance

Personnel can exceed safety, reliability, and performance goals through data collection and analysis coupled with actions and optimisation for proactive and optimised maintenance execution. As a result, plant personnel are empowered to act before equipment failure occurs, maintenance and operations costs are reduced, and the overall maintenance and operations strategy supports key business objectives.

Asset Management Helps You Turn Opportunity into Business Value

01 Asset Strategy

Gain control of your asset performance, and develop a strategy to maximise return on asset investments.

Developing an APM strategy enables companies to balance asset utilisation, cost control, and regulatory compliance, and shows how people, processes, and technology can drive optimal performance. 

Build a Strategic Plan and Gain New Insight

Maximise your return on asset investment by understanding cost control, compliance and how people and processes can be optimised, while being in balance with asset utilisation. Gain valuable insights on safety, availability, reliability, compliance and cost with the main aim to boost productivity, reduce downtime and optimise all production.

Understand Asset Criticality

Determine which assets are the most vital to the business and work to optimise them as much as possible, as well as implementing a maintenance strategy that will tackle critical assets first. Understand why they are important and how the impact overall operations.

Asset Optimisation Modeling

Create and analyse the effects of different asset management strategies, providing clear insight into the consequences, results, and benefits related to asset availability, HSE compliancy, productivity, and profitability.

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02 Industrial Information Management

Operational Insights for Monitoring and Control

Your operations generate myriads of data, but what is that data really telling you? You need to consolidate and contextualise your critical data so that you can see how you’re performing.

You can bridge the IT/OT information gap, improve data access throughout the enterprise, and enable actionable insights with enterprise data management and reporting solutions available on premise or in the cloud.

We offer a range of Monitoring and Control solutions to enable this bridge.

Benefits of Implementation

  • Make operational improvement decisions with confidence
  • See opportunities for improvement
  • Prevent business disruption
  • Archive critical historical data for analysis and reference
  • Remove geographic constraints on company talent

Improve Information Management

Our operational insights portfolio covers your process historian, intelligence, reporting, and power analysis needs completely — whether on-premise, in the cloud, or both. With open, system agnostic connectivity and scalable architectures you can take advantage of advanced industrial information management (IIM) that supports your digital transformation and IIoT initiatives today – and into the future.

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03 Asset Analysis

Reduce Downtime and Optimise Production

Utilising intelligent analytics gives you the knowledge and tools to optimise your operations. Get early warning notifications, predict failures before they happen and implement accurate asset strategies; improving reliability, safety and reduce maintenance costs. Turn mass amounts of data into simpler, actionable insights to get the most of your existing equipment and deliver the maximum return on assets.

Predict Equipment Failures and Maintenance costs

Reduce downtime by predicting asset failures days, weeks or months before they occur. Implement early warning signs using advanced analytics and significantly improve your operational efficiency. Predictive analysis means the right parts can be ordered, maintenance can be planned and operations will not stop, ultimately reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Utilise Assets and Improve Regulatory Compliance

Take a look at your data to distinguish if you are achieving the maximum return on asset (ROA) and implement smart business decisions to reduce under-performance and downtime. Ensure knowledge capture so that maintenance decisions and processes are repeatable and already in place.

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04 Asset Maintenance

Improve Maintenance Operations

World class Asset Management is the foundation of an APM strategy.

We offer advanced solutions leveraging cloud, mobility, and augmented reality to transform and empower the mobile workforce, increase collaboration, provide comprehensive asset and materials management, and efficient maintenance execution to optimise the availability of all assets.

Accelerate time to repair and keep equipment and assets running and maintained properly.

Increase Safety and Situational Awareness

Keep the right people informed with augmented reality, that delivers real time, visual, step-by-step operating procedures and key information to operators in the field. Reduce human error and direct people in the right direction to appropriate equipment for the task at hand. Operators are given data on existing hazards with information on location, asset and maintenance strategy.

Gain Control of Asset Strategy

Implement the right maintenance program that utilises all assets and improves both efficiency and cost reduction. With an insight into maintenance history, inventory and procurement, operators have the tools they need to keep everything running smoothly.

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