Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) Release for ESXi 6.7 Update 3 is generally Available on 26 June 2020



Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) Release (build 185) for ftServer ESX systems

27x0, 47x0 and 64x0
28x0, 48x0 and 68x0
2900, 4900 and 6900

is Generally Available (GA) as of 26-June-2020. This release supports VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7 Update 3



This is a bug fix release of Automated Uptime Layer for ESXi which supports VMware vSphere 6.7 Update 3.


Available Fixes

Bug fixes available in AUL are:

========================================================= ftesx_inst:37881 ============================================================

Description: Upgrading to the AUL release from AUL 6.0.x or 6.5.1 fails with 'esxcli reports 1' error. ESXi install log /var/log/esxupdate.log reports 'Could not find a trusted signer' error validating STR_bootbank_ftsys-msgpt3 VIB.

========================================================= ftesx_inst:37888 ============================================================

Description: During upgrade from an AUL 6.0.x/6.5.x release, the ft-install utility can fail with a python exception if the ftServer BIOS/BMC are not at the latest version.

========================================================= ftesx_inst:38003 =============================================================

Description: Add ftServer 2810/4810/6810 BIOS 9.1:34 to the release.

========================================================= ftesx_kernel:38119 =============================================================

Description: System interruption (Failed to ack TLB invalidate) may occur during initialization phase of CPU bringup.