Swift and effective response is key to minimising the impact of Cyber Security events.

A full response capability includes not only action to contain and re mediate but also forensics to understand the factors that dictated the event impact and the capture of lessons

SolutionsPT provides expert recovery assistance and an OT forensics capability. Our product portfolio uses environment key indicators and network performance metrics along with a deep understanding of industry specific threat intelligence to allow lessons capture. More than this we will actively work with you to swiftly put in place any measures required to improve your cyber security posture

Understanding and explaining what has occurred is often key after a cyber-security event to satisfy regulators and management.

SolutionsPT will actively support your response and we will provide the forensics capability required for you to understand and learn from the cyber security event.


Gaining from a share of industry information and best practice

SolutionsPT has and maintains a view of industry threats and best practice through active participation in a number of industry organisations that allow advice on early response and a thorough understanding of potential response actions.


Continual Vulnerability Detection and Patch Management

Because data is continually being collected and Threat Intelligence feeds maintained newer threats can be detected in near real-time allowing for responses, such as patches or compensating controls, to be prioritised based on potential business and process risk.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) which maps to Indicators of Compromise (IOC) within the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Prevention-first security can significantly reduce the number of alerts generated by the security stack, decreasing the burden and frustration associated with endless alert investigations that lead nowhere.

With Cylance Protect preventing malware, malicious scripts, rogue applications, and fileless attacks from harming the business, Cylance Optics provides the AI powered EDR capabilities required to keep data and businesses secure and maps into the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Cylance Optics is an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution designed to extend the threat prevention delivered by Cylance Protect by using AI to identify and prevent widespread security incidents.

Cyber Consultancy

SolutionsPT have over 30 years OT Cyber Security specific knowledge covering all Critical National Infrastructure verticals and can be called upon for individual engagements from Security Posture Analysis through to larger scale engagements covering a more Cyber Lifecycle project.


Proteus Disaster Recovery

Recovery from any downtime is swift and easy with Proteus disaster resilience. Spend your time where you’re needed most, safe in the knowledge that if anything happens, SolutionsPT have backed up your data and can perform a rapid restore, getting you back to business in no time.


Claroty CTD

Claroty CTD’s northbound integration with SIEMS & SOCs provides analysts with the tools and information they need in order to make informed decisions should extra steps be needed to protect the network and its devices.


Cylance Endpoint Protection and Response

Cylance Optics, working with Cylance Protect delivers the detection and prevention capabilities needed to stay ahead of the attackers, keeping the business secure. Cylance is 100% Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning capabilities which means there are no signatures to update which perfectly aligns with the needs for OT. With automated playbook, protective actions can be orchestrated to ensure that your critical process is protected and rogue endpoints are isolated.


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