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Protecting your OT network and critical assets requires a multistage approach… there is no silver bullet!
Security must be considered at every stage to build a layer of defense which combined make compromise difficult.

In many cases large improvements in protection can be made simply and at low-cost

For example zoning areas of criticality ensures you can implement the most stringent controls around your key assets while applying appropriate controls to the areas which pose the least amount of risk.

Deploying hardened builds that are created to defined and recognised standards  such as CIS, NCSC or DISA. These standards are often required as a baseline for secure operational environments within the UK such as Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and help to provide secure by design methodology.

Centralised Remote Management

Claroty SRA allows centralised access control that can be easily audited to meet the organisations policies and procedures allowing access to networked plant items; remote access connections allow for Active Directory users or groups to be defined providing granular control over who has access and more importantly who shouldn’t have access.


Continual Network and Cyber Security Situational Monitoring

Once Claroty CTD has deployed network traffic is continually collected passively, the traffic content and patterns are then analysed alerting the user of potential security or configuration issues that could harm the normal running of network and its dependant processes ensuring unexpected outages don’t occur.


Designed to fit the network

As network and endpoint information is collected it is automatically collated and categorised and laid out following recognised IEC-62443 standards, this allows for easier presentation of the collected information; as all networks have their subtleties more granular layout templates can be achieved to show the dependencies between the standard layers in the form of ‘half layers’.


Antivirus That Works For OT


Get in front of malicious cyberattacks with the data science-driven power of AI. Cylance Protect works where most attacks occur; at the endpoint for better efficiency, faster resolution and less disruption. AI-driven threat prevention, response and attack mitigation stop attacks that legacy products miss while dramatically reducing alert fatigue. Discover hidden vulnerabilities in your environment with InSights to perform on-demand threat hunting across the enterprise.

Do you still have legacy systems such as XP, Windows 7, Server 2003, 2008? If so we've still got you covered with a single solution with a single management interface.



SolutionsPT supply, configure and maintain firewalls from leading IT/OT vendors such as Hirschmann, Cisco, Checkpoint and Palo Alto. Deploying solutions that are tailored for your operational environment and protect not only IP traffic but industrial protocols.


Claroty SRA

Secure Remote Access is a policy-based access control product within the Claroty Platform. SRA is designed to minimize the risk remote users, including employees and contractors introduce to industrial networks. The platform provides a single management interface recording user actions placing you in full control of your remote network.


Claroty CTD

Claroty Continuous Threat Detection uses multispectral analysis to build a detailed ‘pattern of life’ which is unique to your process. The occurrence of deviations produce alerts that can be sent to your Security Operations Centre, or can activate security safeguards through Next Generation firewalls to place a protection ring around your most critical assets.


Cylance Endpoint Protection

Cylance delivers a predictive advantage against never-before-seen malware an average of 25 months before it appears online. By using mathematical algorithms to detect malware, this removes the need for continual signature updates which is ideal for OT networks where patching and maintenance windows are limited. Cylance’s unique artificial intelligence (AI) approach, predicts and protects against known and unknown malware, file-less attacks and zero-day payload execution.


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