Only by understanding what you have, your priorities and your risk profile can you intelligently improve your cyber security

Identification and Classification of assets allows prioritisation and risk understanding

Being able to accurately identify assets, resources and roles allows an organisation to understand what it has and what it need to protect.

Without this insight, risk mitigation measures may be targeted to the wrong areas incurring expense without significant improvements in security or maturity.

SolutionsPT provides a range of industry leading services and products that coupled with our way of working and industry experts provides organisations with a quick and high-value view of their cyber security maturity.

Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Compliance

To identify, understand and reduce cyber security risks, all organisations should have implemented an ongoing Cyber Security Management System.

Our Cyber Security Gap Assessment (CSGA) is an essential step to ensuring your company implements an effective CSMS. By identifying areas that result in increased risk exposure, or non-compliance to regulatory and legislative requirements so these problematic areas can be identified and can be quickly addressed. We understand that no two businesses are the same, as such we offer a highly customisable service. Our CSGA can be tailored to your exact needs by considering the legislative requirements and any other standards your business requires to comply with.

Knowledge and advice you can trust

At SolutionsPT we have over 30 years’ experience within a wide variety of Critical National Infrastructure verticals and other industries and we are used to dealing with their unique Cyber Security challenges whilst maintaining network and process integrity.


Industry Proven Detection and Protection Tools

Using best in class products allows SolutionsPT to provide a comprehensive deep dive into the various layers of the control network from a single site to a larger multi-site deployment without adding extra levels of complexity in order to get to the information that is needed to validate the normal process operation is secure from issue. If issues are detected, either security or configuration, they can be tracked through the business’s normal workflow remediation tools.


Extreme Visibility

Visibility is a foundational element for protecting critical industrial processes and it provides measurable business value. Understanding your assets, their configuration and the communications they undertake in detail allows for informed business decisions and detailed risk assessments.

Network Audit

The importance of highly-available and secure OT networks has never been greater. With threats emerging on a daily basis, how would your configuration stand up? Whether you have technical issues or require advice on expansion, our certified engineers can undertake a full operational health check and security assessment.


Security Posture Analysis

Security Posture Assessment (SPA) is an enhancement to the Network Audit that provides OT engineers as well as security teams with visibility into the OT Network through analysis of a packet capture file (PCAP). The report will provide detailed communication and vulnerability analysis augmenting the Network Audit with powerful automated insights.


Claroty CTD

Claroty Continuous Threat Detection has been chosen as the gold standard for security monitoring for Critical Operation Control Systems due to its unique feature set and unrivalled detection capabilities. These environments are often complex and with disperse control environments and CTD will visibility, anomaly detection and actionable insights without sacrificing usability and control.


Cyber Consultancy

SolutionsPT have over 30 years OT Cyber Security specific knowledge covering all Critical National Infrastructure verticals and can be called upon for individual engagements from Security Posture Analysis through to larger scale engagements covering the full Cyber Lifecycle.


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