There are significant differences between Enterprise and Operational networks, convergence between these two entities provides intelligence for agile business decisions which result in improved efficiencies. Associated risks should be controlled and strictly managed, the corner stone being Extreme Visibility.

Detection is key to minimising the impact of undesirable cyber security events

A good detection solution will provide visibility to the cyber security team of a wide variety of events allowing proactive Security Event Discovery.

Understanding the time and scale of any event will allow more effective remediation. And any solutions and processes should allow for test, compliance and improvement.

SolutionsPT have implemented detection solutions and provided advice to significantly improve our customer’s cyber security event detection.

Swift detection allowing effective remediation

The quicker and early in the cyber kill chain you detect and event the more likely you are to minimise the impact. Often threat actors have a presence in an organisation’s network long before any malicious action is taken.


Better Security is closely related to better safety

In many cases improving security will improve safety. For example detecting a change in a PLC’s code will allow remediation of a cyber-security event but that change in code will also effect the equipment safety case.


Protection and process improvements

Ongoing assessment of OT operations, asset discovery along with integration into a wider corporate SIEM or SOC system allows the detection of events that even if not malicious can illustrate the need for protection improvements and identify any process weaknesses.

Claroty CTD

Claroty’s flagship product, Continuous Threat Detection, provides extreme visibility, continuous threat detection, vulnerability monitoring, and deep insights into OT networks. This has been designed to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations while having zero impact to the underlying operational process.



Isolating networks into physical or virtual zones of business importance processes criticality greatly reduces the risk of impact or exposure to cyber incidents.


Network Audit

Network audit with Security Posture Assessment takes an in-depth look into the heart of the OT network. Designed specifically for OT environments, our process understands over 100 industrial protocols and cross references data with current Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and threat intelligent databases to deliver a comprehensive security assessment of your infrastructure.


OT Cyber Security

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