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Create a Future-Proofed Industrial Automation and Monitoring System

Digital transformation is remaking the present and future of industrial automation and monitoring. With increases in data amounts, collaborative needs and integrated systems, it’s worth making the most of the updated technology that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings. To do this, utilise the Monitor & Control systems that we at SolutionsPT are offering.

With the industry-leading software portfolio by AVEVA, from AVEVA System Platform (formerly Wonderware), to AVEVA Edge, AVEVA InTouch HMI (formerly Wonderware) and AVEVA Plant SCADA (formerly Citect), you’ll have the right information at your fingertips and  more efficient operations.

Take control of MES, SCADA and IIoT with AVEVA System Platform, an intuitive ecosystem for response and intuition. 

Integrate your operational processes with AVEVA System Platform, utilising the scalable platform capabilities for Supervisory Control, HMI, SCADA and IIoT applications. Through this technology, your assets, processes and employees will be brought together for increased and sustained improvement, as well as leveraging real-time support and decision making.

Experience system design functionality that is efficient, secure and flexible, driven by historical data compiled over a single information model. Here’s what the AVEVA System Platform offers:

  • Node to node TLS encryption.
  • Bespoke centralised deployment.
  • A data-driven, contextualised Operations Management Interface (OMI) client.
  • Dynamically-built runtime applications.
  • Comprehensive library of Industrial Graphics, objects and UI/UX runtime framework.
  • Innovative, limitless scalability.

Simple Build, Simple Use

With the ultimate in responsive HMI development, you’re able to create a one-of-a-kind user experience, bringing in any third-party system, in context, across a multitude of devices. Requiring only one configuration, it can then be deployed anywhere.

You’ll also be able to utilise:

  • Object libraries for industry.
  • Pre-built faceplates, trends and symbols.
  • Fully hardware agnostic functionality.
  • Seamless connections with any vendor.

Your engineers and operators can access and find value right away, navigating the platform easily, benefiting from an in-depth and meaningful functionality. They can journey from proof-of-concept to testing with ease, providing a sophisticated environment to develop within. On top of that, within the AVEVA System Platform, you can also:

  • Test multi-monitor configurations without monitor access.
  • Optimise HMI content or monitor configuration across every display.

Experience Cloud-Based Monitoring

AVEVA System Platform integrates seamlessly with the cloud, meaning that it’s an inherently collaborative platform. Built in UIs allow replication of asset information for access to data such as equipment effectiveness, alarm analysis, geolocation, operator notes and even unsupervised machine learning. All of this is in context with the local assets that are all well known in your enterprise.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Process delays can present problems, hitting productivity where it’s most detrimental. However, with the empowerment that AVEVA System Platform guarantees operators, you can experience the situational awareness needed to keep things moving. 

By quickly navigating HMI displays, operators benefit from the increased usability and simplicity of the interface. AVEVA System Platform also provides that much-needed context and clarity to historical data, alongside access to playback views of operational processes - which work on any graphic or monitor screen.

Your statistical data is calculated in real-time without the need for coding. It also enables you to process a year’s worth of data in less than a second, which provides immediate access to client performance trends. It’s the ultimate provider of iterative, responsive and holistic situational awareness.

A high-performance, scalable and adaptable Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

Providing an innovative, high-functioning platform for streamlining the configuration and control across a variety of integrated hardware. AVEVA Plant SCADA supplies the holistic and transparent view of your operations. It helps to create a better foundation for current optimisation and a future for innovative design.

An Adaptable, Scalable Platform

AVEVA Plant SCADA leads the field because of its adaptability. It provides well-informed context and clarity when addressing issues such as Abnormal Situational Management (ASM). It also provides a dedicated workspace for Situational Awareness, as well as the following:

  • A comprehensive library of configurable objects, which includes out-of-the-box faceplates.
  • Visualisation and graphics enhancements.
  • A large capacity of native Alarm Management.

Digital Transformation at Your Fingertips

Streamlining your hardware and software has never been easier. With real-time monitoring, you’re more in control of important industrial processes.

Reach Optimal Efficiency

With an interface built upon integration with key hardware, efficiency can be increased by gathering real-time contextual information which helps you to create the right kind of on-time response. 

You’ll be able to benefit from the following:

  • Integrated Alarming, Interlocks, Trending and Control data.
  • A single, easy-to-use interface.
  • No need for coding.
  • Minimal visual distractions.

How Can You Benefit from AVEVA Plant SCADA?

There are a number of key benefits that organisations can capitalise on when utilising AVEVA Plant SCADA:

  • Real-time decision making.
  • Increased productivity across all operations.
  • Reduced engineering time.

Empower every aspect of your operational management with this award-winning Human Machine Interface (HMI). AVEVA InTouch HMI is used in over 100,000 facilities across the globe, who all gain from its agility, real-time reporting and top quality user experience. 

AVEVA InTouch HMI helps to drive operational excellence and increased productivity through the creation of helpful, meaningful and iterative content. Every industrial automation needs human interaction to maintain efficiency and AVEVA InTouch HMI ensures those interactions are optimised.

What Features Does It Include?

Dynamic Virtualisation Technologies

AVEVA InTouch HMI supports the latest VMWare and Hyper-V technologies so you can utilise the many benefits that these have to offer. Enhanced security and centralisation to name but a few.

In-Built Symbol Library

InTouch hosts a vast out-of-the-box, comprehensive library of graphics and symbols. Operators can easily develop custom graphics for real-time operational processes, lowering the associated engineering costs.

A Flexible, Extensible HMI

Operators can enjoy a high level of flexibility and extensibility offered by AVEVA InTouch HMI, with its scripting and Industrial Graphics capabilities. With InTouch, you can use .Net Controls, forms, scripting and even legacy ActiveX controls due to the softwares unique migration abilities.

Remote Access Capabilities

Remote web HMI and mobile SCADA operators are empowered with access to InTouch Industrial Graphics, process status monitoring, operational dashboards and KPIs. The AVEVA InTouch HMI is completely mobile-friendly too without compromising on security. 

The Clarity of Integrated Data

InTouch is an innovative workspace, bringing together data that provides clarity and context to your operational processes. You’re able to focus on the content that offers the most value. This means less downtime, less disruption, more safety and better performance.

AVEVA Edge is a small footprint, full-featured HMI for embedded and OEM applications.

It helps users to work smarter and build better. With ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, these capabilities are here to be utilised for unique automation environments.

Integrated IIoT Solutions 

Machine functionality is the end-game. You want to operate in a cloud-based, integrated ecosystem, one that not only allows, but promotes rapid and accurate responses. This must include remote configuration, inter-device interoperability and user-friendliness.

AVEVA Edge can utilise the cloud for application distribution meaning that it’s not only integrated, but completely scalable. It also enables the use of the Industrial Graphics (formally ArchestrA Graphics) which are native to all AVEVA HMI / SCADA software for rapid development and standardises the look and feel across your projects. Harness all of the actionable data captured, on any device, wherever you are.

What Does AVEVA Edge Offer?

Industry Solutions For Simple Development

Pre-configured templates for Andon (notification of quality or process problems), PackML (standardised look and feel of machines) or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) allows for rapid development and deployment of some of the industries most common challenges. 

In-Built Agnostic HMI/SCADA Software Capabilities

Creating an integrated development ecosystem with AVEVA Edge is easy. With the in-built HMI/SCADA capabilities, you can access and integrate the system over industrial computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and the cloud.

Edge Management Portal

With the AVEVA Connect Edge Management portal, you can enable remote deployment of your AVEVA Edge applications from the cloud. Provision software and manage your remote devices at the edge, simplifying hybrid architectures to include IIoT.

A Vast Amount of Native Communication Protocols

With over 250 native drivers, communication between HMI/SCADA and PLCs is incredibly easy. AVEVA Edge includes a toolkit API to create your own standards or you can work using SNMP or MQTT - it’s up to you. 

Regardless of your facility number or the size of your industrial environment, ThinManager grants a completely scalable and responsive platform. With a thin client architecture, you can deploy more cost-effective hardware while retaining familiar tools and applications for operators. This promotes a sustainable and secure environment, reducing management and hardware costs.

ThinManager Features

Flexible Touchscreen Navigation

With the USB touchscreen module, configurations are easily interacted with. Time period can be held to present Display Client selection or within other ThinManager actions, such as Tile or Calibrate.

Enhanced Visualisation with MultiMonitor 

ThinManager supports up to seven unique displays. 

Tiling, Virtual Screens and IP Camera Support

ThinManager’s Android and iOS mobile clients will be able to utilise the following services:

  • Tiling.
  • Virtual screens.
  • IP Camera for aTMC.
  • iTMC Tiling.

What operators will experience here is a Control Room style application management, which can be made full mobile, allowing remote simultaneous monitoring across different contextual sources.

Greater Organisation of Display Clients

With ThinManager, you can display Client groups that are similar to other ThinManager objects, meaning you’ll enjoy great organisational accuracy. This is especially effective for large deployments.

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