Information Management

Information Management from AVEVA Insight

With the dedicated information management services offered by SolutionsPT, you can improve your decision-making, data governance and put an end to digital silos.

The most powerful framework for improving your operational continuity.

With AVEVA Insight, you can gain actionable insights from any of your devices. It’s a service that enables greater visibility of crucial data for all users - regardless of their operational experience. 

AVEVA Insight supplies context within a central cloud-based digital ecosystem, acting as both system and vendor agnostic. It’s a place where you can feed your operational data and through the given context can produce actionable intelligence. This can all be accessed across a multitude of devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones - anytime, anywhere.

What Features Are Included?

Security. Agility. Transparency. Insight offers all this and more, granting a comprehensive vantage point above all your operational processes.

Remote Access

AVEVA Insight is fully mobile. Implementation within any device allows you to stay agile within your day-to-day tasks rather than being stuck to a desk. Insight enables personalised alerts to be sent directly to your device of choice, with notifications highlighting the status of any operational deviation.

AVEVA Insight also includes a mobile app, so the real-time data you need is only a click away. 

Cost-Effective Software as a Service (SaaS)

The landscape of digital information is forever updating itself and managing these changes is a modern need. Insight itself is a cost-effective response to these needs, requiring no specialised IT infrastructure or massive investment to implement. As it’s a high-performance SaaS, it allows your existing siloed data to be turned into a real-time live data feed.

AVEVA Insight is completely scalable, providing automatic updates, charts and easily-operable dashboards for a user-friendly experience. 

Performance Analysis

AVEVA Insight guarantees the following:

  • Analysis of key processes.
  • Business-wide monitoring and integration.
  • Data storage.
  • Real-time data collection gathered from manufacturing equipment and production events.

Each organisation has a correct operational status they need to stick to. Insight’s KPI dashboards give you access to your performance data, enabling you to see whether any action is needed to correct any deviations. 

AVEVA Insight Benefits

Insight gives you the ability to empower your workforce, helping them to become increasingly engaged within your operational processes and improving the visibility between them. You’ll identify areas in which operational costs can be reduced and better the performance of your assets.

On top of that, AVEVA Insight users will also be able to benefit from the following:

  • Predictive asset analytics.
  • A move from reactive strategies to proactive ones.
  • Business intelligence gateways.
  • One main interface for asset management, control and safety.
  • Process optimisation.
  • Information sharing. 
  • Add-on capabilities.

Benefits for OEM and Solution Builders

Through AVEVA Insight, OEM and solution builder customers and stakeholders can be given value-added solutions. These solutions are driven by high-performance data analysis and real-time reporting. This means customers or stakeholders can gain the most from the Insight’s performance capabilities.

AVEVA Insight guarantees better visibility, increased transparency, more collaboration and more efficiency. Become more in touch with your operational processes and engage your workforce with this agile and foundational platform.

Discover the formula for greater performance with Intelligence.

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway helps users to discover the key metrics for performance and understand the relationships between industrial plant facilities. It keeps your focus firmly planted on a strong commitment to operational excellence, utilising real-time, proactive responses to any issues that arise.

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway provides insight into the following areas:

  • Planning.
  • Staffing.
  • Equipment behaviour.
  • Performance.
  • Material and energy use. 

Why Use AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway?

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway is the place in which your data is empowered. When data is siloed, it’s still valuable. However, when you combine data sources into a centralised and innovative data set, the visualisation, transparency and collaboration enabled are second to none. 

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway works by collating data from across both software and hardware, enabling the complicated wires of operational relationships to be connected and accessible. Data is moulded into interactive portions which can be used to determine performance against the objectives you’ve set yourself.

Connect Your Data Sources

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway allows operators to link the multiple plant and enterprise data sources you work with simultaneously. The key benefit here is that organisations can discover just how their separate industrial practices and operations are affecting each other and the industrial web as a whole. 

These relationships are then modelled within the context provided by your KPIs, structuring data in the ways you want to see it. The results are calculated and displayed in real-time, combining speed with accessible analytics and monitoring capabilities. 

Top of the Line Data Modelling

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway offers modelling capabilities, that without which leave your data unstructured and unreadable within the wider context of an entire industrial plant. This data would offer no actionable insights.

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway offers the sole truth, created from multiple datasets which then provides accuracy for your ERP systems, enterprise business tools and data warehouses can understand and act upon. 

Improved Collaboration

No one wants to find different parts of their workforce impeding on the work of the other. This could happen through many planning inconsistencies, but most of the time it’s because operational strategies aren’t aligned with key metrics.

Without this synergy, no one has the right access to the data they need. To guard against this, Intelligence creates an unmatched foundation for collaboration. Users benefit from an easy interface in terms of use. It’s simple to access and simple to understand, providing an equal playing field for operators. 

The Architecture of AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway

The AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway is built around the interplay of two crucial elements: clients and servers.

Client Analysis and Data Leveraging

Integrated with Tableau Software, Intelligence grants end-users the data they need quickly and efficiently. Tableau provides analytics and data visualisation to allow operators across every organisation level to access key data dashboards, benefiting from a top-down view of all their data. 

Scalable, Adaptable Server

A completely scalable server, Intelligence provides data-hosting capabilities from multiple sites or servers. The server carries out several different functions:

  • Data acquisition, aggregation and contextualisation.
  • Data organisation: From multiple sites to a centralised model.
  • Time-slicing: Correlate time-series gained from historians with events.

The server is the centre of the Intelligence solution, empowering users across the board.

What Does AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway Guarantee?

Discover hidden operation context by collating data into a single, accessible data model - only through Intelligence.

A Universal Technology

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway works in any industry, from power generation to food and beverage, supply chain to any other industrial plant operation. It’s truly a universal tool, capturing and collating data in multiple circumstances. 

A Visible Data Landscape

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway provides visibility. With any business process, you never want to begin with your vision impaired. Intelligence helps you monitor the key functions such as energy consumption and productivity. 

Transparent Operational Metrics

Cost, quality, productivity: Intelligence allows you to deduce the true numbers from these metrics and others. It brings together your disparate functions into one whole information entity. 

Make intricate plant reporting simple with Dream Report.

Professional Reports For Increased Communication

Dream Report helps you to create reports with speed and accuracy. It’s no-code, drag-and-drop and also point-and-click - so it’s simple and effective. It integrates with real-time data sources, as well as HMI/SCADA, enterprise business software and historians.

The Key Features

Publish and Schedule

Share your reports anytime, anywhere.

Integrate Outputs

Integrate outputs from Information Server, Mobile Operator Rounds, manufacturing execution system (MES), Historian and InTouch.

Easy Reporting

Reports are fully data-driven and incredibly fast to develop.

Dream Report will automate the development of OEE, MES, batch, operator log and production reports.

With AVEVA Historian or Historian Client, you can implement powerful data analytics and capture the true potential of your operations. 

AVEVA Historian

Enjoy the capabilities of AVEVA Historian, a processing database designed to store incredible amounts of data generated within your facilities. The software combines compression and data storage capabilities with its industry-leading query interface, meaning process, alarm and event data is easily accessed.

Make your decisions quickly and keep your team fully-informed with AVEVA Historian.


Historian lets you interface with AVEVA InTouch HMI.


Historian is scalable - you can apply it to single processes or dozens of users and sites.

Reduce Costs

Efficient data storage methods significantly reduce operating costs.

Increased Legacy Value

Through high-speed data acquisition, more value can be gained from legacy systems.

Successful Analysis and Reports

Even the most demanding analysis and reporting can be done successfully through Historian, through local data storing and enterprise-level aggregation.

Capture and Validate Data, Anytime, Anywhere

Built-in data validation ensures the data you capture from single-node sources or highly-distributed sources is accurate. 

AVEVA Historian helps you to leverage the true and accurate value of your data.

AVEVA Historian Client

A powerful data analysis and reporting tool that collaborates with AVEVA Historian.

Capitalise on real-time and historical data, putting in the hands of the people who need it the most. Plus, creating the most accurate and helpful kind of report is simpler than ever. Historian Client provides the perfect wide-angle snapshot of your operational processes, covering reports and data trends. 

Why AVEVA Historian Client?

Historian Client offers the best access to your production data. You can produce a single, centralised view of your data, meaning there’s no chance of confusion with multiple data sets. 

You can also bridge the gap between IT and OT through this more effective use of data. Historian Client ensures the different levels of your industrial operations, as well as your operators and stakeholders, are fully aligned.

The Features of AVEVA Historian Client

Historian Client covers the important areas of data visualisation, analysis, management and reporting. It’s the perfect system for business continuity, with failsafes in case your primary historian goes offline.

When you combine AVEVA Historian Client with AVEVA System Platform, you grant yourself the ability to build a proactive development ecosystem for managing production and performance, creating a more efficient working environment.

Through high-performance data analytics that cover your entire industrial plant process, Historian Client helps you to unlock your hidden operational potential.

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